Huey Lewis redefined mainstream rock in the 80s

Huey Lewis redefined mainstream rock in the 80s

For those who are over forty today Huey Lewis it’s the voice of “The Power of Love”the song consecrated by the first chapter of the film saga “Back to the Future”, but Hugh Anthony Cregg III – this is the artist’s registered name – with his The News was much more: a talented author, a solid and prepared performer, the artist born in New York on July 5, 1950 in the 80s was able to redefine the canons of mainstream rock radio, combining a decidedly pop writing (and very sophisticated, despite the apparent catchiness) with more sustained and biting atmospheres, but never aggressive. To celebrate his birthday, here are all the singles of Huey Lewis finished in the Top Ten of the American sales charts.

“Do You Believe in Love” (from “Picture This”, 1982)

“Heart and Soul” (from “Sports”, 1983)

“I Want a New Drug” (from “Sports”, 1983)

“The Heart of Rock & Roll” (from “Sports”, 1983)

“If This Is It” (from “Sports”, 1983)

“The Power of Love” (from “Back to the Future – soundtrack”, 1985)

“Stuck with You” (from “Fore!”, 1986)

“Hip To Be Square” (from “Fore!”, 1986)

“Jacob’s Ladder” (from “Fore!”, 1986)

“I Know What I Like” (from “Fore!”, 1986)

“Doing It All for My Baby” (from “Fore!”, 1986)

“Perfect World” (from “Small World”, 1988)