“Watch Me Gone” is the new single from Mark Knopfler

How Bob Dylan was a help and inspiration to Mark Knopfler

Despite the success and years of legendary career behind him as frontman of Dire Straits, as well as a very respectable prolific solo activity, Mark Knopfler recently admitted to not being able to consider himself a singer anymore.

Guest of the Rockonteurs podcast, the 74-year-old musician confessed:

“I still don't fully consider myself a singer. Not to mention it took me a long time to think of myself as a guitarist, then as a songwriter it took a while. And as a singer, I never not even considered.”

During the chat, when it was pointed out that Knopfler has lent his voice to albums for decadesthe artist implied that it was simply the consequence of necessity: “I was the only one who did it,” he explained, adding that he only continued singing “when I discovered that people weren't leaving.”

In addition to discussing his characteristic vocality, with a style in which he himself finds influences attributable to blues and folk, Mark Knopfler then underlined don't consider yourself “a great singer” and revealed one artist in particular who helped him feel comfortable behind the microphone. The former leader of Dire Straits indicated Bob Dylan, with whom he collaborated several times in the studio and live over the years, he narrated:

“I think Bob Dylan was an inspiration in the sense that because of him I realized that I didn't have to be a classic – considering all the music that I love, and I love Frank Sinatra and all that stuff. And I realized that something different was coming out of folk music. You can have a rough, raw voice as a singer, and still be able to tell your story. Your story has a chance to emerge and reach the audience. As long as you're sincere in what you do.” .

Mark Knopfler will publish his on April 12th new and tenth studio album soloist, “One deep river“. The disc includes 12 tracks and is anticipated by the singles “Ahead of the game“, “Watch me gone” And “Two pairs of hands“.