Here is the first list of names of the Sanremo Festival 2025

Here is the first list of names of the Sanremo Festival 2025

It’s meant to be played, of course. It is still too early to venture into the full names of the big names that we will see competing at the 2025 Sanremo Festival: this year’s one ended on Saturday, but it has not yet really ended, with the controversies that continue to hold sway on social media and in newspapers. It will be like this for a few more days. Then we need to understand the most important thing: was Sanremo 2024, with its record ratings, really the Festival that closed the Amadeus era? Or will the host who revolutionized the event – and who the record companies, ecstatic, would like to see still there in his place – not announce a further, sensational change of heart in the end? Regardless of who will be the host and artistic director of the Sanremo Festival in 2025 (yesterday Fiorello launched the Antonella Clerici-Alessandro Cattelan hypothesis, but Paolo Bonolis, Carlo Conti and even Laura Pausini are also in the running, all people who kermesse knows it well: the first one he led it in 2005 and 2009, the first one he led it from 2015 to 2017, the third one was practically born at the Festival, in 1993), here’s who we’d like to see on the stage of the Ariston o who do we think will seriously tread that stage in a year.

Subsonica and Bluvertigo together: the idea was launched by Morgan last year. Subsonica have not ruled out participation as a couple regardless. This year there wasn’t time and the Turin band presented themselves, without however managing to convince Amadeus. Who knows what’s next.

Tedua: we expected to see him at the Ariston already this year, actually. In the end he went to Sanremo to perform on the ship. Perhaps the success of “The Divine Comedy” is still too fresh. Let’s let everything settle a bit.

CCCP: would you have ever thought that after all these years they would find themselves playing together and organizing an exhibition? No. So why can you dream of seeing them in Sanremo, competing?

Arisa: she deserves that stage, but with a piece that does her honor. A “La notte” 2.0, so to speak. To relaunch her musical career and reiterate that she is one of the best interpreters of Italian pop of the last twenty years.

Luca Carboni: he has been missing from the scene for too long and we miss him. This year he celebrates the fortieth anniversary of his debut with “…meanwhile Dustin Hoffman doesn’t miss a film” (it was 1984). In his four decades of career he has participated in the Festival only as an author, in 1994 with “Solo con l’anima” (written together with Ron and presented by Marco Armani among the Nuove Proposte) and in 1994 (with “Esser duri”, always sung by Armani).

Giusy Ferreri: but only with a song worthy of a career like his, which is worth around 2.5 million copies sold thanks to hits like “Non ti scordar mai di me”, “Novembre”, “Roma-Bangkok”, “ Jambo”, “Love and capoeira”.

Neffa: the Festival did it twice and in both cases it did not go unnoticed. “Le ore piccolo” in 2004 was one of the hits of that year, “Sogni e nostalgia” in 2016 was a delightful piece. He hasn’t released an album for three years: the last one, “AmarAmmore”, a tribute to the Neapolitan song, is from 2021.

Anna: she is the most listened to female artist in Italy. In Sanremo she would achieve consecration on a national-popular scale, five years after “Bando”.

Elodie: possibly with a big Eurovision piece. Vince, we send her to Eurovision and bring him back to Italy (assuming Angelina Mango doesn’t succeed). Then maybe we’ll even send it to the Super Bowl afterwards.

Biagio Antonacci: he could get involved, a bit like Giorgia did last year and Negramaro did this year. Amadeus said it: the ranking matters little, today it is important to be at the Festival.

Alice: it would objectively be a coup, being able to bring the voice of “Per Elisa” back to that stage.

Thomas Paradise: the former leader of Thegiornalisti has postponed his debut on that stage as a competing artist too many times. 2025 could be the year.

Patty Pravo: competing at the Festival with a song by Vasco Rossi. Crazy idea, but not too much.

Coez: Alone it would be nice. Paired with Frah Quintale even more.

Calcutta: Fiorello would have liked to see him competing already this year and there seemed to be all the conditions for the indie hero’s debut at the event. Was he just postponed for a year?

Cristina Donà: the rock diva did the Festival only as a guest (in 2007 she accompanied Nada on “Luna in plena”, on the evening of duets) and as an author (in 2014 she composed “Lentamente”, one of the two songs sung by Arisa – that year the big names presented two pieces).

Anna Tatangelo: because Lady Tata has been on the sidelines for too long and that stage, where she made her debut at just 15 years old (triumphing), is her home.

Vinicio Capossela: in 2022 he accompanied Giovanni Truppi as a guest on the covers evening, for a tribute to Fabrizio De André with “Nella mia ora di libertà”. Is it possible that in over thirty years of career he has never thought of taking part in the event?

Antonella Ruggiero: the legendary (ex) voice of Matia Bazar in a recent interview said that he had long ago said enough to TV and certain circuits. But dreaming costs nothing.

Maximum Danger: he was about to do it in 2021, as he told in the book “The Lord of the Woods”. In the end everything fell apart. Controversy would be guaranteed for someone who sang “I got two years, you got two grams” and burned his electoral card in the video of the song.

Gaia: after “Chega” and her first participation in the Sanremo Festival, that of 2021 with “Cuore amaro”, the Italian-Brazilian singer-songwriter is a bit lost. At the Festival she could relaunch herself, with a good piece. He deserves it.

Sfera Ebbasta: the king of Italian trap at the Festival to write history.

Toe in the sore: with the singles “Fossi come te” and “È tutto vero” he inaugurated the new phase of his career after the dazzling debut in 2022 with “Camouflage”, Targa Tenco as Best First Film. She is one of the most original and irreverent singer-songwriters on the Italian scene: she could demonstrate that beyond “Chimica-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi-chi… Chimica” there is more.

Alessandro Mannarino: Amadeus said that he would have liked the Roman singer-songwriter of “Me so’ mbriacato” to be in the competition already this year, but that between one thing and another it was not possible to convince him. There’s time for the next one.

Verdena: to dishevel Alba Parietti, Simona Ventura and the ruffled ladies in the audience. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Marcella Bella: because that stage, where she has been missing since 2007 (the year in which she participated together with her brother Gianni Bella with “Forever per semper”), deserves it, as a lady of Italian pop.

Venus: he has a pop streak which however remains unexpressed in his records. There is his touch behind hits like “Senza di me” (with Gemitaiz and Franco126), successes of Ghali (in 2020 he was artistic co-producer of the album “DNA”, together with Mace) and “La canzone nostra”. This year he limited himself to accompanying Loredana Bertè in the cover evening to the tune of “Ragazzo mio” by Luigi Tenco, even without singing. He made an impression of himself. Let’s say that next year he shows up in the race with a big piece of his and his crew, the super band that accompanies him on tour?

Max Pezzaliperhaps paired with Mauro Repetto: the reunion we dream of.

Thunderbolts: in 2021 it was still immature, but with “Santa Marinella it still made an impression. Today he would be more ready, after a sensational album like “Infinity +1”.

Baby K: even just to hear “Yo, Baby K!” on that stage.