Here is Kate Bush's favorite Pink Floyd album

Here is Kate Bush's favorite Pink Floyd album

In 1978, the year of his debut, Kate Bush he was 20 years old. For some time, like many teenagers, she had been writing songs with the dream of being “intercepted” by a record company that would notice her talents and allow her to make her recording debut.

But if the ears of the recording talent scouts were closed, they were wide open and attentive David Gilmourthe guitarist of Pink Floydalready a world star, who discovered and was fascinated by the music of the young Kate (who in the meantime had studied theater and dance) through a mutual friend of the future star's brothers.

The guitarist was given the tapes of what would become, in February 1978, his recording debut “The Kick Inside” with the worldwide hit “Wuthering Heights” (inspired by the famous novel “Wuthering Heights” by Emily Brontë published in the mid-19th century). Fascinated by what he heard, the Pink Floyd guitarist put effort and money into producing those auditions and introduced the young artist to EMI, the band's record company, which with such a business card took the project into consideration. From there Bush's career exploded and several other successes came (still “alive” today as “Running Up That Hill” recently brought back to success with the soundtrack of “Stranger Things”). Over the years the relationship with Gilmour continued and the two were seen together on stage on several occasions.

It is therefore obvious that Kate Bush has a strong bond with the guitarist, a sort of sense of gratitude and artistic admiration that also extends to the production of the British band. The singer-songwriter (like the rest of the public) has a clear preference for Pink Floyd's catalog and her favorite album is “The Wall” released in November 1979,. that Kate Bush generally places in the Olympus of her favorite albums of all time.

Although the “concept” of The Wall is dramatic, speaking of loneliness, trauma, loss and isolation, the vision that the author of “Babooshka” has is positive. “She reminds me of last Christmas and the open fires”, she commented some time ago when talking about the album in question. “I wish I had written it” she added (but like her, many would have liked to write it). Although in reality the musical worlds of Pink Floyd and Kate Bush are substantially different.