Annalisa doesn't join the Forum to participate, but to win

Annalisa doesn't join the Forum to participate, but to win

With almost all dates sold out and beyond 100 thousand tickets sold, the “Tutti nel vortice” tour designed for arenas arrives in Milan, where Annalisa will return on April 29th with the third sold out date at the Assago Forum after last November. Between the first great Milanese live and this last one, there was the Sanremo Festival in between where the Ligurian voice, with “Sincerely”, placed thirdanother opportunity to continue a very long wave of success inaugurated at the end of 2022 with the release of a “turning point” of his career, “Bellissima”. The interesting point, which tells a lot about who Annalisa is today, is that between these two live dates the differences are blatantly evident, even within a show with the same system.

It's not a remake

Last November's Forum was a party, a celebration of his journeya very long concert, in some cases too long, but the musical narration could not be any less, with Annalisa certainly reborn, finally in her true dimension, in the role of a pop star, who however gave the sensation of being in an evolutionary phase not yet fully completed, as if there were still some rough edges to be smoothed out. Also the repertoire put in the lineup on that first date, for example, it needed some trimming and some changes to make it look its bestas we also wrote in our review, recognizing however the artist's undisputed technical preparation, as well as the strength of the show. Change of scene, as if we were in a film, but not in a simple remake: a few months later, the voice of “My love” does not sit on the certainties achieved or the numbers obtained, he doesn't want to repeat the same show, but he corrects, works hard, studies again, he rolls up his sleeves and returns to his best form with a calibrated and interpreted show in a superior way.

Nada and “Desperate Love”

You can tell from the first songs: the way he has of being on stage, even more fluid, fun and entertained, more inserted into the choreographies of the dance troupe, the visualsthe electronic hinges between the various songs, everything contributes to creating a live show that it practically never has any emotional or rhythmic drops. The vortex that envelops the public, on the giant screen, first shows itself in its primordial and conceptual forms, and then reveals itself in the creation of an avatar of the artist who ultimately identifies with the evolution and final identity achieved by the artist herself. Metaphor never so apt. This second Forum is a more compact, dry show, with a setlist in which the different hits arrive at the right time. And to all this there are surprises with the entry, for example, of Nada to sing “Amorespera” in duet, which generates generational karaoke. It is Annalisa's homage to music, a love letter that goes from hosting Emma, ​​Diodato, in previous Italian dates, and Nada on the Milan stage to singing “Sweet dreams”between Italian and international references.

A perfectionist

With her the musicians of all time, Daniel Bestonzokeyboards and synthesizers, who also took care of the musical direction, Gianni Pastorinoalways keyboards and synthesizers, e Dario Panza on drums, as well as twelve dancers directed by Simone Baroni. The audience dances, sings and has fun. For Annalisa it is important the pop showthe spectacular arrival in flight, i pyrotechnics and the explosive finale are luminous photographs, but this scenographic system cannot ignore music. Never. If there is one element, in fact, in these improvements, which remains intact and indisputable, that is it it is Annalisa's voice, one of the best in Italy, put at the service of songs with various moods. This next level, this hunger to improve and improve, it was said, tells a lot about the singer-songwriter and explains in a concrete way why he is up there now. Annalisa doesn't go to the arenas, once again, to participate, but to win. He's not satisfied. And this is confirmed by those who know her and those who work with her: she is a perfectionist. Deserving success starts right there, with hard work and talent of a girl who from Carcare has become a star who doesn't want to stop shining.


The crisis in Saint Tropez
If I had a heart
One tomorrow
Lonely girl
Direction life
Slow movement
Coral red

my love
Desperate love with Nada
Medley: She is diamond and he is light, A window among the stars; Wind on the Moon and Walking on the Moon dei Police

Disco Paradise
The world before you
Sweet dreams of Eurythmics

Eve + Eve
I'm just telling you
Violent indigo