Glenn Tipton: "Parkinson won't defeat me"

Glenn Tipton: “Parkinson won't defeat me”

About fifteen years ago to the guitarist of Judas Priest Glenn Tipton was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, speaking to Total Guitar magazine, the 76-year-old British musician talked about how he contributed to the band's latest album, “Invincible Shield” (read the review here), published last month.

This is his story: “I played what I could and I'm very proud of the entire album.

Richie (Faulkner, the other guitarist in the band, ed.) helped me a lot. I think the most remarkable characteristic of him is his ability to adapt to different styles while maintaining his peculiarities. Priest requires a guitarist who can move from straight metal to more melodic songs. Obviously now I am hampered by Parkinson's and I have had to offload a lot of the work onto his shoulders. I continue to push myself because I believe in the motto 'no surrender'. This disease will not beat me, I will continue to write and play as long as I can.”

Also Richie Faulkner spoke with Total Guitar about “Invincible Shield” and how he was affected by Tipton's disease. “In his situation Glenn wasn't as involved as he usually is. But that's okay, we didn't want that to hinder the process. If Glenn was okay, he did his part. If not, I did it. We didn't want him to worry. He proposed songs like 'Sons Of Thunder,' a three-minute classic in the style of 'Hell Bent For Leather.' Glenn is a master of that stuff. He was as involved as he could be and it was important for us to get him involved.”

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Glenn Tipton announced he would not tour
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read the review here
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“I would like to let everyone know that it is vital that the Judas Priest tour goes ahead, and that I am not leaving the band,” Tipton explained in a statement at the time: “Simply, my role has changed. I'm ruling out, in the future – and as long as I'm able – going back to playing some Priest live, so I can't wait to see the amazing metal maniacs once again.”

“We had the privilege of witnessing the determination shown over the years by Glenn in composing, recording and performing live: he is a true metal hero”, declared, for their part, his bandmates: “As he has already said he, we can't wait to have him back on stage, on whatever tour stop he chooses. We love you, Glenn.”