Giovanni Lindo Ferretti's biography in comics

Giovanni Lindo Ferretti’s biography in comics

After the success of the return of the CCCP – Faithful to the Line started with the exhibition in Reggio Emilia and continued with reunion tours, the band’s frontman John Lindo Ferretti returns to the news.

The artist from Emilia in fact chooses the language of comics to tell his story in the pages of “Tan” , this is the title of the book, an autobiographical story. The idea was proposed to him and he was accompanied in the story of his life by the drawings of Michael Petrucci – already author of the biography dedicated to Reinhold Messner and present in the catalogue saldaPress (the publishing house of the graphic work) with the historical fiction centered on the Roman architect Vitruvius.

This is what the editorial director of the publishing house declares, Andrea G. Ciccarelli:

For saldaPress this is one of the most important books of this year, a graphic novel that brings us to collaborate with a great singer – or rather: singer, as he defines himself – and an artist that we love very much. A magnetic and disruptive personality who, once again, has decided to put himself on the line with this book full of wonder, effort and tenderness.

” Giovanni Lindo Ferretti tells a story in which the stages of his best-known life – music, public thought, poetry – intertwine with the dimension

intimate and spiritual, inspired by the places of her childhood and her great love for horses. Tanno is in fact the affectionate name of

one of the horses to which the author was most attached. Through the parable of his relationship with the animal, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti leads the reader to discover his inner world and his deep bond with his land and his origins.

The volume will be presented in preview at the end of October, as part of Lucca Comics and Games 2024.