Sanremo 2024: the partial ranking before the final

Geolier: “Hate annoys me”

In the post-Sanremo days, controversy continued to arise over the results of the vote and also over the role of rap in general. As in the press conference of the winners on Sunday, Geolier proves himself good not only at avoiding these controversies but at not fueling them, but rather at lowering the tone. On Sunday, to those who asked him if the vote had been “overturned” (here is the technical explanation that shows what happened), he replied that “Sanremo doesn’t work on the streams, the rules are different” and that in his opinion it was important that on the steps taller there were a boy and a girl (Angelina Mango) from 2000.

Today, on the sidelines of the presentation of “New Scene” – the Netflix talent show dedicated to rap which debuts on Monday 19 February, he returned to the question: “Let’s say that when I went to Naples I really saw the warmth of my people, I saw truly the hope that they had placed in me and in everything I was about to do. Let’s say that I don’t like hatred, it annoys me”, he said. “When I arrived in Naples I asked people to boo those who in turn had booed me at Ariston and I did it to lighten things up, to appease the hatred.”

Geolier also told a funny anecdote: in recent days a story featuring him in Los Angeles appeared on his Instagram profile. When he was asked what he was doing in America immediately after Sanremo: “Look, unfortunately I’m very sincere, when we go to conferences they always prepare the answers for us, or I never prepare them for you. I put a story in America to be calm, I was in Naples”. Soon the complete report of the press conference to present “New scene”, in which Fabri Fibra (“I hope they continue to hate rap”) and Rose Villain also participated.