French Saints in Sanremo 2024: “We leave secrets to be solved”

French Saints: “Doing ‘Hallejuah’ in Sanremo? Madness”…

Two years after winning the

Guests of the Rockol Lounge, at the Club Tenco headquarters, Alessandro De Santis and Mario Lorenzo talk about their Festival and, in addition to future projects, explain how the idea of ​​singing “Hallelujah” together with Skin on the cover evening and of the duets on Friday (here are our report cards).

While the idea of ​​reinterpreting Leonard Cohen’s song was born from Alessandro’s sudden idea, the duet with the Skunk Anansie frontwoman was born by chance.

“We didn’t know who could do this madness with us to re-read ‘Hallelujah’ and the idea of ​​trying to contact Skin came to Ale, a totally random proposal, but a waste of time”, explains Mario: “In the end we found his contact, she heard our version and was enthusiastic about our arrangement and accepted.” The duo said they wanted to “desacralize” the song, taking inspiration from Rufus Wainwright’s version, which was recorded for the “Shrek” soundtrack (even though John Cale’s version later appears in the film). And speaking of sacred things, the duo has announced two concerts entitled “Love returns – Small musical liturgies”, which will take place in March in two deconsecrated churches: on 15 March in Milan at the Church of San Vittore and 40 Martiri and the March 20 in Naples at the Church of San Giuseppe Le Scalze.

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