Dargen D'Amico at Sanremo 2024: "If I go, anyone can go"

Dargen D’Amico, the tribute to Morricone: “A social experiment”

Two years after participating with the song “Dove si balla”, Dargen D’Amico is back competing in Sanremo with the song “High wave“. “The song is a plan on which different perspectives intertwine and meet about life’s transitions. I tried to connect more floors to have a palindrome songwhich could be seen both from the point of view of those who are on the shore and waiting for the wave, and from those who are in the wave and trying to get to the shore”, explained the artist, guest of the Rockol Lounge, at the headquarters of Club Tenco, on the occasion of the seventy-fourth edition of the Festival

On Friday’s evening of covers and duets (here are our report cards), with the BabelNova Orchestra, Dargen D’Amico presented a tribute to Ennio Morricone entitled “Modigliani / Dove si balla”.

“It’s a social experiment on the reactions of people with good taste. It’s an invitation to rebel,” explains the rapper: “From my point of view I would say: You shouldn’t do it, take a step back.” Then there’s another part of me saying: ‘You don’t have time anymore, your desire is to pay homage to Morricone.’ When I made sure that no one else would do it, because otherwise I wouldn’t even have done it, I did it. Morricone is perhaps the most representative pen of Italian melodywith a unique musical code”.

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