Fiorella Mannoia sings "Pasta con tonno" by Bello Figo

Fiorella Mannoia sings “Pasta con tonno” by Bello Figo

From the stage of the Sanremo Festival, in which she presented “Mariposa”, to the spotlight of Alessandro Cattelan's show in which, with great irony, she lent herself to re-interpret some songs very far from her repertoire, but extremely fun and contemporary: Fiorella Mannoia, guest on “Stasera c'è Cattelan” on Raidue, was the protagonist of a medley that seems to have sprung out of some meme page on social media in which, through artificial intelligence, mash ups of voices and faces are created very far away. But no, it's all true: Mannoia sang “Shakerando” by Rhove, “Bando” by Anna, “Pasta con tonno” by Bello Figo and other songs. The adaptation of the latter, to the music of “What women don't say”, is hilarious. “Pasta con tonno” has over three million listeners on Spotify alone and is one of the most famous songs by Paul Yeboah, this is the real name of Bello Figo, singer and rapper who has made himself known through social media thanks to his ironic and surreal.