Fabrizio De André: the first four albums, explained

Fabrizio De André: a concert in Genoa 25 years after his death

Genoa was his city, to which the singer-songwriter was inextricably linked. It could only be the Ligurian capital that hosted the concert-event organized to celebrate Fabrizio De André and his artistic legacy twenty-five years after his death. The tribute was announced on social media today, on the occasion of what would have been the 84th birthday of the artist, who passed away in 1999, by the governor of the Liguria Region Giovanni Toti.

“On 18 February 1940 Fabrizio De Andrè was born in Genoa, one of the greatest and most beloved singer-songwriters of our country, a timeless Ligurian pride, in the hearts of many Genoese people and beyond – wrote the president of the region, announcing that “at the beginning of the summer Liguria will celebrate his talent with a great concert in Genoa. An international showcase but above all a dutiful homage to De André’s history and his musical legacy, which continues to fascinate new generations of singer-songwriters.”

The details of the event have not been disclosed, but presumably it is expected to be a tribute concert with all the trappings of the case, with friends and colleagues and new generation protagonists ready to pay homage to Fabrizio De André revisiting the most significant pieces of his repertoire, from “Bocca di rosa” to “Don Raffaè”, from “Il pescatore” to “La canzone dell’amore perdotto”, passing through “Amore che ordini, amore che vai” (sung all the last Sanremo Festival from Diodate in the evening of the covers, paired with Jack Savoretti) and “Via del campo” (which instead Madame revisited last year, again in Sanremo, paired with Izi).

On the occasion of the twenty-fifth anniversary of the singer-songwriter’s death Foundation Fabrizio De André Onlus And Sony Music Italia they announced the “Way Point” project. Where do you come from… Where are you going?(you can pre-order the boxes by clicking here), which will see Faber’s studio records return to stores in the form of reprints and special reissues. The project celebrates and delivers to the new generations the artistic and cultural legacy of one of the most followed and influential Italian artists, underlining how the brilliance and depth of his words and his unique vision continue to inspire. The releases follow the original chronological order: the series debuted last Friday with the re-releases of the first four discs (Rockol gives them to its readers:

here are the details on how to win them), “Volume 1”, “We all died with difficulty”, “Volume 3” and “The good news”. The reprints include unpublished booklets with the lyrics of the songs, handwritten notes by the singer-songwriter, thoughts, reflections, comments, extracts from interviews relating to the songs and albums and reproductions of some unpublished writings preserved at the Study Center dedicated to him at the University of Siena.