Fabi-Silvestri-Gazzé: a rehearsal of their live performance becomes a video

Fabi-Silvestri-Gazzé: a rehearsal of their live performance becomes a video

July 6th Niccolò Fabi, Daniele Silvestri and Max Gazzè they return to sing together ten years after their common project (record and tour) The master of the party“.

The opportunity to see them on stage again will be on 6 July at the Circus Maximus in Rome with a single celebratory event for which 50,000 tickets have already been sold.

While waiting for that concert/party, no new record release is planned, it will therefore be a live concert entirely focused on already known material, extracted from the common album and on the individual repertoires which for the occasion will be rearranged for a choral performance.

For the appointment on 6 July the three Roman artists are also preparing by carrying out inspections and small tests. And it was precisely on one of these occasions that the three sat down and performed “Life is sweet”single from the album “The Master of the Party”

“It was just supposed to be an inspection, but while we were at it… a review…”, joke the artists on their social pages, posting the live version of the song, recorded live with room microphones.

The concert-event, in a unique and unrepeatable datecelebrates a friendship and an artistic affinity that has linked the three musicians for many years, born in the early '90s in the evenings at the famous “Locale” in Rome, continued between collaborations, mutual esteem and advice and a trip to South Sudan with Doctors with Africa CUAMM, which cemented their personal and artistic union and gave the impetus to the birth of “Il Master of the Party”.

Although no new release is planned before the Roman concert next June 14th will be released on the market a special edition of “The Master of the Party” which provides:

– Double LP gold vinyl 180 gr. numbered and signed by the 3 artists available exclusively on the Sony Music Store.
– Double LP transparent orange vinyl mix black 180 gr.

Pre-order already active here https://bio.to/FSG

Pre-sales of the concert-event (produced by Francesco Barbaro for OTR Live and organized by The Base) are available on TicketOne and in all the usual points of sale.

Frecciarossa, the high-speed train of Trenitalia (FS Italiane Group) and official train of the event, will allow fans to reach the concert at a discounted price, thanks to dedicated promotions.