Dave Edmunds, all rock'n'roll and pub rock

Dave Edmunds, all rock'n'roll and pub rock

Welsh Dave Edmunds Today he turns 80 having been born in Cardiff on 15 April 1944. He is one of the most important figures of rock'n'roll, pub rock and British new wave, even if he has never achieved particular visibility here. His is a very long career that began at a very young age playing in dozens of bands – Edmunds Bros Duo, Stompers, Heartbeats, The99ers, Crick Feather's Hill-Bill's, The Raiders, The Image, The Human Beans… – before the foundation of the LoveSculpturewith which he obtained the first ranking result thanks to “Sabre Dance”. Since Dave Edmunds has become a stable presence on the English scene, despite never shining in the sales charts, apart from a couple of exceptions.

Below we propose some episodes of his discography.

“Sabre Dance” (1968, with Love Sculpture)

“I hear you knocking” (1970)

“Baby I love you” (1973)

“Here comes the weekend” (1976)

“I knew the bride” (1977)

“Deborah” (1978)

“Girls talk” (1979)

“Queen of Hearts” (1979)

“Singin' the blues” (1980)

“Almost Saturday Night” (1981)

“The race is on” (with the Stray Cats, 1981)

“Slipping Away” (1983)

“High school nights” (1985)

“King of love” (1990)