Dave Davies found his prize at auction on E Bay

Dave Davies found his prize at auction on E Bay

The guitarist of Kinks Dave Davies shared his sadness at having to pay $12,500 to recover one of his “lost” trophies after a payment issue.

The guitarist said he was shocked to see his 1990 Rock and Roll Hall of Fame award for sale on eBay with a very high price tag.

“This is a rare and highly collectible prize honoring David Davies of the Kinks,” the lot’s listing read, noting that it was purchased “from a consignment when Dave Davies overcame a year of forgetfulness in paying consignment fees to the owners of the unit”.

“The trophy is a unique piece of musical memorabilia that any fan of rock and pop music would be thrilled to own. This item – continues the listing – is a piece of entertainment memorabilia that is sure to be a topic of conversation for any music lover. music”.

Davies confirmed on X that the sale was conducted without his consent, adding: “I lost track of my prize years ago and didn’t know where it was. around the time of my stroke in 2004, when I was incapacitated.”

I’m happy to have fully recovered from my stroke – continued the guitarist -, but it’s a shame that I wasn’t contacted. I assume this is what happened… This auction makes me very sad.”

The guitarist later reportedly wrote about and Bay to the seller, explaining: “I don’t want to have to pay $12,000 to get my premium back. But maybe we can work out something more reasonable.”

This seems to be what’s happening: the auction was in fact ended early by the seller and one user wrote to Davies: “Follow me and send me a message… We’ll get through it.”