Courtney Love: 'Always wanted to be known as a bitch'

Courtney Love: 'Always wanted to be known as a bitch'

In the same interview given to the British publication Evening Standard in which he said of Taylor Swift that she is not interesting as an artistthe ex-wife of Kurt Cobain Courtney Love declared that the former frontman of Nirvanawho died thirty years ago, is the reason why people don't like her.

The almost 60-year-old leader of the Hole she explained how things are for her: “People said I was really problematic.

They said I was unpleasant. Yes, I'm completely obnoxious and I will never apologize for it. I've always wanted to be known as a bitch. Pleasure has never been my thing. Kurt wanted to be liked, I didn't.”

Then, he talked about the consequences of the death of Kurt Cobain: “He managed to hide behind me, but then I was hated. Then Kurt died and the hatred towards me reached a whole new level. I didn't plan it.”

Kurt Cobain he committed suicide in April 1994 at the age of 27. Since then, many have blamed Courtney Love for his premature death. In 2021, Love had published some comments full of hatred towards her, thus making the decision to distance herself from social channels: “All we need is love. I'm taking a break from social media.”

Second Courtney Love The journalist is to blame for Kurt's death Lynn Hirschberg. In 1992 Vanity Fair published an article titled “Strange Love” by Hirschberg. This caused quite a stir because she said Love was a drug addict. The article claimed that the musician continued to use drugs despite being pregnant. In a previous interview with, Courtney denounced: “As a writer, wouldn't it be your worst nightmare if you drove someone to suicide? I hope so. Because that's what Lynn Hirschberg did to Kurt. She humiliated and weakened him. She sent him over the edge. She deserves most of the blame for his death. Do you really want to challenge me on this fact?”.