Club Tenco: “Il Tenco Listen” in Bologna for emerging artists

Club Tenco: “Il Tenco Listen” in Bologna for emerging artists

The next May 11th, at 9pmhe arrives “Tenco Listen” for the first time at Navile Theater in Bologna (Via Marescalchi, 2/b) for a special evening of music presented by the music critic Paolo Talanca.

On stage the singer-songwriter will perform Max Manfredithe author of songs and monologues Francesco Guarinothe multi-instrumentalist, singer and composer Valeria Sturba and the Bolognese musical trio Manicas (consisting of Andrea Manica, Francesco POPup and Ricardo Tomba).

The event is edited by Officina Roversian annual workshop for artists and promoters of songwriting written, performed and promoted as a musical form of a literary nature.

The “Tenco Listen” is the format that Club Tenco created in 2008 to give emerging artists from all over Italy the opportunity to be heard by an audience, often attracted by already established artists and “friends” of Tenco, and by members of the Club's Board of Directors. Sometimes the artist who participates in a “Tenco listens” may be called to the annual Songwriting Review of Sanremo. On the official website for artists who want to make themselves known it is possible to send their material (form at the link while for bodies and associations who want to propose organizing an Il Tenco Listen event, you can send an email to [email protected].

Then in October, on its fiftieth anniversary, the Tenco Award. The event dedicated to Songwriting will take place in Sanremo from 16 to 19 October 2024, with the three key evenings of live music with great guests at the Ariston Theater on 17, 18 and 19 October.

Tickets for “Il Tenco Listen”:

Info: [email protected]