Roger Daltrey's favorite Who song

Roger Daltrey would only tour with Pete Townshend if…

The Who held their final concerts on March 18th and 20th at London's Royal Albert Hall as part of their charity concert series to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

Their many fans would like the legendary English band to at least do a new tour so they can say goodbye to them properly one last time. But, if what the public wants is very clear, what is in the singer's mind is less so Roger Daltrey and the guitarist Pete Townshend.

In a recent interview with the Miami Herald, Daltrey said he was willing to go on tour with his longtime partner on one condition. The 80-year-old singer explained about the possibility of touring: “I'm not going to do it with someone who's half-hearted. Music is too important to me. The reason The Who were so powerful is because we were serious. When we played we blew you away.”

So, if the guitarist's attitude changed, Roger Daltrey he might think about touring with them again

Who: “I would agree if Pete's reason for doing this wasn't just to make money. I would do it to make good music and to show people what we were before we left the stage forever. You can't show up half-duty for a tour.”

Daltrey's words must be read in light of what was stated by Pete Townshend last month to the New York Times when, speaking about the future of Who, he said, bluntly: “It seems to me that there's one thing the Who can do, and that's a final tour where we play every place in the world and then crawl away to die.” Adding, regarding his band's possible last tour: “I'm not very excited about performing with the Who. If I'm honest, I tour for money. My idea of ​​an ordinary lifestyle is quite high.”