Checco Zalone, starting from “We are a very strong team”

Checco Zalone, starting from “We are a very strong team”

Luca Pasquale Medici in art Checco Zalone, born in Bari on 3 June 1977, today is his birthday. Checco is a comedian, cabaret artist, actor, impersonator, musician, singer-songwriter and screenwriter. Maybe some, distracted by the successes of his films (“I fall from the clouds”, “What a beautiful day”, “Sunshine”, “Where am I going?”, “Tolo Tolo”), they don't remember that his first opportunity for fame came thanks to a song, way back in 2006 (the year in which Italy won the Football World Cup). For the World Cup, Zalone had written a text that proved to be auspicious: “We are a very strong team”.

The following year, Checco Zalone released another single (he has 25 in his career), entitled “I like that one What”parody of “I'll give you a rose” Of Simone Cristicchifresh winner of the Sanremo Festival.

A few years later, in 2010, a song that Zalone sings in the film “Cado dalle nubi” was released as a single. “Sexual men”.

It is contained in the same album, which has the same title as the film “W big tits”.

In 2011 the song from the opening credits of the film “Che bella giorno” was released, entitled “Love has no religion”.

Followed shortly after by “If you add me”taken from the film's album of the same name.

From the movie “Quo Vando?” instead it is the Celentanesque “The first republic”.

Zalone is truly a capable musician, quite esteemed by his colleagues, who often agreed to play along with him; as Jovanottiguest here at Zelig.

And also Francesco De Gregori.

In December 2019 Checco Zalone publish the song “Immigrant”, on the occasion of the entry into cinemas of the film “Tolo Tolo”, his first directorial. The irony present in the song was not understood (or appreciated) by everyone and “Immigrant”which plays on prejudices against migrants, has attracted several criticisms.

Zalone did not spare his irony to underline the lockdown period and in April 2020 he published it “The immunity of flock” imitating Domenico Modugno.

A year later, in April 2021, we were still in the midst of a public pandemic “The Vacinada”. In the video that accompanies the song, none other than the Oscar-winning actress stars alongside the Apulian musician Helen Mirren.

In February 2022 Checco Zaloneguest at the Sanremo festival, transforms into the rapper Ragadi to make fun of the trap scene “Not very rich”.

Also in 2022, but in May, he publishes “On the oligarch's boat”.

We finally reach the present day with the release of the album last April “Pastiche” in which Checco Zalone accompanies him on the piano Francesco De Gregorithis is the single “Right or wrong”. The two will present the album with two unique concerts on June 5th and 9th at the Baths of Caracalla in Rome.