CCCP a return, “More than new new”

CCCP: here are the first unreleased songs in over thirty years

CCCP continues to amaze. After the exhibition “Congratulations! CCCP – Faithful to the line. 1984 – 2024” and the reunion last October in Reggio Emilia, now arrive the first unreleased songs from the iconic band led by Giovanni Lindo Ferretti in over thirty years.

And never mind if these are not actually unreleased songs in all respects, but songs already performed live and taken out of the archives: two of these had been completely forgotten even by the group’s first-time fans, while a third had not been never published at all. The songs – which you can listen to below – are “Oi oi oi” (“We arrived late or perhaps too early, in any case our time doesn’t resemble yours”, shouts Ferretti), “Onde” and “Sexy soviet”. The first two were taken from old reels that contained the recordings of the very first CCCP performances in Reggio Emilia, at the beginning of the 1980s. “Sexy soviet” is instead an unreleased embryonic form of the song which was modified several times during the time, until reaching a definitive form with the publication in 1989 under the title of “BBB” in the album “Canzoni Preghiere Danze Del IIº Millennio – Europa Section”. The three tracks are contained in the live album “.Altro che nuova new”, just published by Lindo Ferretti and associates, twenty-eight years after “Live in Punkow” in 1996 and even thirty-four years after the release of the group’s last unreleased album, the legendary “Epica Etica Etnica Pathos” of 1990.

“While rummaging through our archives to prepare the exhibition, an old reel came to light that contained the recordings of the first performance in our city. It was June 3, 1983 and we were playing in the Arci Galileo gym. We took those tapes to a company specialized in who told us that they were too damaged to be used. They asked us if they would throw them away or if we wanted them back and we chose to return them. Then speaking to Universal, our record company, they offered us a further desperate attempt in another structure that miraculously managed to make the tapes usable and therefore make a record out of them”, said Massimo Zamboni regarding the “rediscovery” of these old tracks.

From tonight to Sunday the CCCP reunions will be in concert in Berlin: the three shows are all sold out. It was precisely in the German city that the history of the group began, in 1981, when Giovanni Lindo Ferretti and Massimo Zamboni met for the first time. And the wait is growing for the announcement of the Italian tour.