CCCP a return, “More than new new”

CCCP: controversy over the concert scheduled in Bologna

Not just “a question of quality”, as one of their famous songs says, but of numbers. The first to raise a controversy was Simona Larghetti, municipal councilor of the Civic Coalition, who posed a question to the mayor Matteo Lepore. “A cultural event that is certainly significant and important – said Larghetti – the organization of a paid show in Piazza Maggiore is a fact that deserves reflection and should not be taken for granted. A public square has precisely the nature of another type and perhaps we are well accustomed to the many free events, including Cinema under the stars”.

At the center of these sentences is the CCCP concert scheduled in Bologna, in Piazza Maggiore. An already sold out live show whose ticket cost was 50 euros. A figure which, for a concert in a public square, is causing protests in the city and also on social media. CCCP recently announced their new summer dates and the location immediately came under scrutiny. The Cua collective has sided with Larghetti, which speaks of “self-reduction”. “We will come to Piazza Maggiore – says a post on Facebook – and we will be happy to participate for free, as it should always be”. Then the statement continues: “A lot has changed since the Cccp of the 80s, but even today – they write – those few albums recorded in the simplest way, without pretensions, manage to touch deep chords among young and very young people. Therefore we believe that it is even more unacceptable that those sounds, those texts, are made niche by asking 50 euros for entry”.