Can: "Vier" is the starter of the album “Live In Aston 1977”

Can: “Vier” is the starter of the album “Live In Aston 1977”

THE Canlegends of Teutonic krautrock, have released “Vier” an excerpt from their next album “Live In Aston 1977” out next May 31st on double vinyl, double CD and digitally. This is the latest in a series of live releases from the band on Mute Records. “Live In Aston 1977” in fact it follows the release of “Can Live in Brighton 1975”, “Can Live in Stuttgart 1975”, “Can Live In Cuxhaven 1976” And “Live in Paris 1973”.

“Live In Aston 1977”
captures the band at a strange moment in their career. The bass player
Holger Czukay
he was replaced on bass by
Rosko Gee of Traffic
. The percussionist of. also joined the group
Traffic Rebop Kwaku Baah
together with Czukay, Irmin
Schmidt, Jaki Liebezeit and Michael Karoli

The then new album by
“Saw Delight”
, did not receive good reviews from the press of the time. The German formation together with Gee and Kwaku Baah would record two more albums,
“Out Of Reach”
in 1978 and the eponym
in 1979, before disbanding.