Bruce Dickinson, Liam and Squire, Piotta: albums of the week

Bruce Dickinson's first concert in 22 years: how it went

Last April 12th at the Whiskey A Go Go in West Hollywood, California, the frontman of Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson he returned to perform in a solo concert after 22 years, repeated the following evening in the same location.

The 65-year-old British musician, supported by a band made up of Chris Declerq (guitar), Philip Naslund (guitar), Tonya O'Callaghan (Bass), Dave Moreno (battery) e Mistheria (keyboard), presented the songs from the album, “The Mandrake Project” (read the review here), published just over a month ago.

Bruce Dickinson
he performed 15 songs. Four taken from
“The Mandrake Project”
others taken from his solo material and three taken from the repertoire of
Iron Maiden
“Revelations”, “The Prisoner” and “Powerslave”
. The set also featured the 1972 cover of
Edgar Winter Group “Frankenstein”


01. “Accident of Birth”

02. “Abduction”

03. “Laughing in the Hiding Bush”

04. “Afterglow of Ragnarok”

05. “Chemical Wedding”

06. “Many Doors to Hell”

07. “Tears of the Dragon”

08. “Resurrection Men”

09. “Rain on the Graves”

10. “Frankenstein” (cover by Edgar Winter Group)

11. “Gods of War”

12. “The Alchemist”

13. “Darkside of Aquarius”


14. “Jerusalem”

15. “Road to Hell”

Bruce Dickinson will also bring his tour to Italy for two dates: July 5th at the Ippodromo delle Capannelle in Rome and the following day, July 6th, at the Metal Park in Romano d'Ezzelino, in the province of Vicenza.