Bring Me The Horizon: new album released almost by surprise

Bring Me The Horizon: new album released almost by surprise

Almost surprisingly and with just a few hours' notice, Bring Me The Horizon released their new album, “Post Human:NeX GEn”, today – May 24th. The album, initially expected for last summer and postponed several times, arrives as the second chapter of the “Post Human” series, inaugurated in 2020 with the EP “Post Human: Survival Horror”.

Consisting of sixteen songs, for almost an hour of music, “Post Human:NeX GEn” is the first studio album by the band led by Oli Sykes in five years, i.e. since “Amo” in 2019.

The release of the album, announced by the Sheffield band on stage at the Download Festival, was originally set for September 2023, and was then postponed more than once due to “general unforeseen events”. Subsequently, the publication was generally set for the summer of 2024.

“Post Human:NeX GEn” includes, in addition to the short initial track and two other instrumental pieces, six songs already known and previously published (the singles “Kool-Aid”, “DArkSide”, “LosT”, “sTraNgeRs”, “AmEN!” featuring Daryl Palumbo, Glassjaw & Lil Uzi Vert, and “DiE4u”), along with seven new songs.

Bring Me The Horizon, who announced Jordan Fish's exit from the band last December, will perform as headliners on July 7, 2024 at the I-Days in Milan. Before the group he will go on stage at the Milanese Yungblud festival.

1 (ost) dreamseeker

2 YOUtopia

3 Kool-Aid

4 Top 10 staTues that CriEd bloOd

5 liMOusInes (Ft. AURORA)

6 DArkSide

7 a bulleT w- my namE On by Bring Me The Horizon & Underoath

8 (ost) (spi)ritual

9 n/A

10 LosT

11 sTraNgeRs

12 Reps (duskCOre RemIx)

13 AmEN! (Ft. Daryl Palumbo, Glassjaw & Lil Uzi Vert)

14 (ost) puss-e

15 DiE4u

16 DIg En