Brian May: "The Who turned Rock and Roll into Rock"

Brian May: “The Who turned Rock and Roll into Rock”

The guitarist of Queen Brian May he published a message on his Instagram account in which he lavished praise on the guitarist Pete Townshend and gods Whodeclaring that they basically turned rock 'n' roll into rock.

Brian May
republished a photograph from some time ago showing him hugging Townshend accompanied by a caption in which he defined him as his guitar god. To those words he has now added others of extreme admiration for Townshend and his

: “I'm glad I said it, I probably don't say it enough.

I can't imagine rock guitar without Pete Townshend. Looking back, I feel like he practically invented it! I was lucky enough to be there. My playing owes a lot to him. I'm not talking about the blues-influenced playing that also underpinned the evolution of '70s and '80s rock music, Townshend brought to the scene a violent clang of over-amplified but not over-saturated chords, razor-sharp monoliths crashing angrily into our brains, rhythmic, stinging hammer blows that would change those like me forever. If you want to hear what I'm talking about, put “My Generation” on full volume at home, and you'll be amazed!!! Keith Moon drums madly, John Entwistle thunders a mighty bass with the sonic breadth of a full orchestra – and a young, aggressive Shepherds Bush rebel Roger Daltrey, a punk icon long before the invention of “Punk Rock”. Totally fantastic. Listen to those hanging chords in “I'm a Boy”: How did Townshend come up with them? Listen to “Substitute” for a tour de force of gigantic rhythm and lyrics ten times deeper than anything else. Finally listen to The Who's first hit, “Can't Explain”, along with their version of the classic “Summertime Blues” they turned Rock and Roll into ROCK!!! Hello people!! You have your task for the day!”. .

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