Bill Wyman: a new album with covers and unreleased songs is coming

Bill Wyman: a new album with covers and unreleased songs is coming

Bill Wyman will release his ninth solo album, “Drive My Car“, on August 9th.

“Drive My Car” is the first album by Wyman from 2015 and will be available in digital format, on CD and gatefold vinyl. Both the CD and digital formats will contain two additional bonus tracks.

In conjunction with today’s announcement, Wyman released the single of the unreleased title track “Drive My Car“.

Founding member and rhythmic architect of the Rolling Stoneswhich was released in 1993 (Read here) the bass player Bill Wyman with a career spanning over six decades, he returns to the spotlight by announcing a new collection of songs. The five songs, including the album’s title track, were written by himself. “It’s not something I do every day, but sometimes I see a guitar in the corner of the room, I pick it up to play and then something clicks“, explains Bill about his writing.

Recorded in Wyman’s home studio,“Drive My Car” sees the participation of a close-knit group of long-time collaborators, including the guitarist Terry Taylor and the drummer Paul Beavis. “A bassist and a drummer are a team, they are the rhythm section, the basis of everything”, points out Bill.

The album opens with a rendition of “Thunder On The Mountain” Of Bob Dylanwhich combines elements of both Dylan’s original and those of Dylan’s cover Wanda Jackson. “I’ve known Bob since the mid-’60s,” he says Bill. “He took me and Brian Jones to clubs in Greenwich Village whenever we were in New York. We were really good friends for a while, he was a really nice guy.”

Another highlight is a spirited cover of “Light Rain” Of Taj Mahal. The former Rolling Stones recalls their long-standing friendship, which began in 1968 when Taj was invited to participate in the Stones’ television special Rock ‘n’ Roll Circus. He was fascinated that I was a member of the Royal Horticultural Society – we bonded over botany!”, remember fondly.

Bill’s lifelong love of country music is evident with a tribute to John Prinewith a cover of “Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody“. We were great friends and the Rhythm Kings did some of his songs. What a lyricist! I love that line from ‘Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody’ about ‘Little Richard singing Tutti Frutti from the top of a telephone pole’ – I mean, who writes like that?”.

In addition to honoring old friends, Bill introduces listeners to new talents like the Dutch guitarist Hans Theesink, whose work forms the basis of two songs on the album. Although he has never met in person, Bill appreciates Hans’ new approach to blues music. “TI think his work is truly stimulating; brings something new to the blues“.

Bill Wyman had a busy 2023, both looking to the past and the future. Born in 1936, the oldest of the Rolling Stones (everyone talks about the war, but none of them remember it like I do!“), Bill he extracted vivid anecdotes from his wartime childhood from his memories and published them in a gripping book, Billy In The Wars”. At the same time he was planning the future, recording the songs of“Drive My Car”.

Reflecting on the overall sound of the album, Bill cites JJ Cale as a major influence. I think the biggest influence on the album as a whole is JJ Cale, I’ve always liked his laid back groove. The friends I’ve played it to have said things like ‘that really sounds like you,’ and that makes me happy. I’ve never tried to be anyone else – I’m basically Bill.”.

“Drive My Car” Tracklist

1. Thunder On The Mountain (Bob Dylan)
2. Drive My Car (Bill Wyman)
3. Bad News (Bill Wyman)
4. Storm Warning (Hans Theessink)
5. Light Rain (Taj Mahal)
6. Ain’t Hurtin’ Nobody (John E. Prine)
7. Rough Cut Diamond (Bill Wyman/Terry Taylor)
8. Wings (Hans Theessink)
9. Two Tone Car (Chuck E. Weiss)
10. Fools Gold (Lloyd Jones)

11. Sweet Baby (Bill Wyman/Frank Stokes)
12. Tell You A Secret (Bill Wyman/Terry Taylor)