Beyoncé's country breakthrough and the return of Sum 41

Beyoncé's country breakthrough and the return of Sum 41

From Beyoncé's country turn, who returns two years after “Renaissance” with “Cowboy Carter” and sings her Texan roots, to the return of the pop punk icons of the 2000s Sum 41. Passing through Rhove's debut, to demonstrate that beyond “Shakerando” – the hit of 2022 with over 120 million streams on Spotify and 6 platinum records – there is more. Here are the most anticipated albums coming out this week.

Beyoncé – “Cowboy Carter”

It's not the first time Beyoncé has tried her hand at country music. Do you remember the splendid “Daddy lessons”, contained in the mammoth “Lemonade” of 2016? A remix was also made by the Texan band The Chicks, a point of reference in the scene from the 90s to today. Eight years after that experiment, the voice of “Listen” dedicated an entire album to the genre: in “Cowboy Carter” the superstar sings about her Texan roots, as in the single “Texas hold 'em”. “It took more than five years to make this album. The criticism I faced when I started dedicating myself to this genre forced me to overcome the limits that were imposed on me. I challenged myself and took my time to blend genres together. I hope you can feel my heart and soul, all the passion I poured into every detail,” she says.

Sheryl Crow – “Evolution”

Speaking of country. The diva of the genre in the 90s Sheryl Crow returns five years after her last album “Threads” with a new album, “Evolution”. The album is the first released after entering the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: “The verses come from a deep place in the soul”, says she, who worked on the album together with Mike Elizondo, already alongside Carrie Underwood, Fiona Apple, Nelly Furtado and more. After the release of “Threads” she announced that she would never make another album, believing she had no more things to say. Now Sheryl has found inspiration again. And she sings it.

Sum41 – “Heaven x Hell”

Sum 41 have officially announced the details of what will be the band's latest album, “Heaven x Hell”.

As already explained by frontman Deryck Whibley recently, the project that will put an end to the career of the Canadian pop punk band will be a double album that has every intention of representing a summation of over 25 years spent on and off a stage. The first side, “Heaven”, represents the sound of the first Sum 41 while the second, “Hell”, will have the heavier tones of the band's later period. “Once I heard the music, I was confident enough to say, 'This is the record I'd like to go out with,” the frontman explained. “We made a double album of pop punk and metal, and it makes sense. It took a long time. time to pave this path, but we did it, and it's unique to us.” .

Rhove – “Popular”

It is one of the most anticipated returns of the year for the urban world: Rhove, an artist with 13 Platinum discs and 9 Gold discs, will release his first album “Popolari” on Friday 29th. The tracklist of “Popolari” was recently revealed, which contains collaborations with Sfera Ebbasta and Jul in “Amore Mio”, Guè in “Vestiti da rapper”, Capo Plaza in “Alè”, Emis Killa in “Imputati”, Kuremino in “Cosa sai di me” and the African artist Oxlade in “ Alone.” “'Popular' is my first album. It's time to let you listen to something that represents me. I told about my life and that of some kids like us, I stayed here in Rho because I have always needed simplicity and in the end it became our strength”, said Rhove.

Machine Gun Kelly and Trippie Redd – “genre:sadboy”

Rap and pop-punk embrace each other: “genre:sadboy” will represent the return to the scene for both artists. Trippie Redd had a busy 2023 and dropped several projects. MGK's latest album dates back to 2022. “Mainstream Sellout” debuted at number one on the Billboard 200. Machine Gun Kelly and Trippie Redd have proven in the past to be a well-tested duo. The two artists collaborated on the single “Candy”, contained in MGK's fourth album “Hotel Diablo” (2019) and on the song “All I know” included in “Tickets to My Downfall” (2020). Kelly was also a guest on two of Trippie's songs, specifically “Red Sky” and “Pill Breaker.”

Il Volo – “Ad astra”

Incredible, but true. In their fifteen year career the guys from Il Volo had never recorded an album of unreleased songs. Of course, in their previous recording projects Ignazio Boschetto, Piero Barone and Gianluca Ginoble had performed original songs, alongside covers and reinterpretations of standards: but they had never worked on an entire project of original pieces. “Ad astra”, anticipated by the trio's participation in the Sanremo Festival with “Capolavoro”, promises to reveal new facets of the three singers. Among the collaborators there is also Federico Nardelli, already alongside Gazzelle and Colapesce and Dimartino. “Today, the more you sing, the older you are, the less you sing, the more modern you are. Our goal is to make singing contemporary”, they say.