Angelina Mango: "I'm very sad that Sanremo is ending"

Angelina Mango: “I’m very sad that Sanremo is ending”

Before Sanrermo “La noia”, a song co-written with Dardust and Madame, was among the strongest songs and Angelina Mango among the favourites.

On the eve of the final he is there, playing it, with Geolier. “I thought of Sanremo as a week of stress, of pressure, of tension, all the time. Instead, it’s beautiful”, he tells us, passing through the Rockol Lounge at Club Tenco. “You experience stress and tension, but 10 minutes before going on stage, because you’re scared, it’s the Ariston, you’re scared. But the rest of the day is cool: I’m very sad that it’s ending,” she says. . And about the homage to his father with “Le Rondini”: “I thought I knew if I would still have the honor of treading the stage at the Ariston. and that I would regret not having paid him homage.”

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Rockol: How did your song for Sanremo, “La noia” come about?
Angelina Mango: I spent the last year between stages and studying: I worked a lot, I wrote a lot. “La noia” was not born for Sanremo, “La noia” was born in a session. With Dardust and Madame I found a very particular connection, precisely at the level of sensitivity. Madame is a person with a tangible soul and therefore it was easy to understand each other, because we are both very direct. When we finished auditioning it, I listened to it in the car and realized that it was a complete song for me. I’m happy to have brought her to Sanremo because it doesn’t exclude anything, I don’t feel like I left anything of myself at home and it doesn’t leave me with implants.

Rockol: Did you think that song could also be performed well on stage?
Angelina Mango: I tend to experience music with my whole body and I liked that there was also this about me on the Sanremo stage. I didn’t want to leave that part at home, which in my opinion is important, also because I am the youngest at the Festival and it was my first time at the Ariston.

Rockol: Do you think that having done television in the last year has helped you to be on this stage?
Angelina Mango: Experience certainly always helps and television has helped me a lot, because little by little you can have the perception that you are not alone, but you are in people’s homes. I’ve been playing with my band since I was 12 in pubs, small clubs, everywhere: that helps too.

Rockol: How did you work on the staging of the song and how do you work on this aspect of your performance?
Angelina Mango: The choreography that I do on stage, when I sing “La noia” is not very planned – as it was for example for “Che t’o dico a fa'”, there we actually did a job with Giulia Stabile and we choreographed the song.
On “La noia” I acted very instinctively, I didn’t prepare, I arrived at the rehearsals at the Ariston and improvised.

And I stored what I did in my head, that I liked it and then from there it became a way to face the stage without having to think about how to move.

Rockol: .What is the Noioteca, the space you opened in Sanremo?
Angelina Mango: La Noioteca is a space we created for this week, a kind of shop, right near the Ariston, where you can go for recreation, go and get bored. There are a lot of activities, almost childish, such as colored braids, necklaces, transfer tattoos. And then there’s a piano, and we also did a live show this week: we stripped the songs, we did them in an acoustic version. Sanremo is a busy place this week: 15 minutes of boredom to give to people, I hope it was useful.

Rockol: What’s the craziest thing that happened to you this week?
Angelina Mango: Surely the craziest thing that happened to me this week was not being stressed. I thought of Sanremo as a week of stress, pressure, tension, all the time. Instead, it’s beautiful. You experience stress and tension, but 10 minutes before going on stage, because you’re scared, it’s the Ariston, you’re scared. However, the rest of the day is a blast: I’m very sad that it’s ending.

Rockol: Does Sanremo almost bore you?
Angelina Mango: No, in reality Sanremo can’t be boring. However, these moments of tranquility can be defined as boredom and it is good boredom.

Rockol: Last night we saw you very excited on stage singing “Le rondini” by your father Pino Mango: it was a very intense moment. Why that song?
Angelina Mango: I have never sung anything by my father before last night, by choice actually, because I didn’t see the connection with my artistic path. And then I was there playing, trying various things and I thought: “But, maybe I don’t know if I will still have the honor of walking on the Ariston stage. I know I would live with the regret of not having paid homage to him.” So I gathered courage and made this decision, which I never thought I would make, I have to tell the truth. I think I did the right thing.

Rockol: You presented it in a minimal way.
Angelina Mango: Yes, I wanted the song to come out, the homage to come out, even at the arrangement level. My brother and I did a really fine job, we stripped her. It was supposed to be a duet with music. I didn’t even want to be the protagonist, it had to be the ensemble, and the song and the love that brought us to that stage. I’m proud to have done it. It was difficult, but I’m proud to have done it.

Rockol: Is there a song from the history of Sanremo that you are particularly attached to?
Angelina Mango: One of the songs I always cry with, every time I listen to it, is “At least you in the universe”. Leaving aside the fact of where we are, and that it would be a bit rhetorical to say “Hello love, hello”, I think these are the first things that come to mind when I think of the history of Sanremo.

Rockol: What happens after Sanremo?
Angelina Mango: After Sanremo I’ll go to the studio, for sure, because I have some speeches to finish. I started some sentences halfway through. And then on April 17th I will do the “Parola Pazzia” event, at the Fabrique in Milan with my band, which will be the spoiler of the tour which will then come in October in clubs all over Italy.