Mahmood: "The 'Gold Tracksuit' is my armour"

And this year what will we really listen to after Sanremo 2024?

The Amadeus era ends with the last evening of the 2024 Sanremo Festival. The songs competing this year have already begun their journey up the charts, collected in the “Power Hits” playlistwhich you can listen to below: from “Gold tracksuit” by Mahmood to “Apnea” by Emmapassing through “Onda alta” by Dargen D’Amico, “Punk Government” by Bnkr44, “Finiscimi” by Sangiovanni And “Let’s start all over again” by Negramaro, between radio and streaming platforms life is outside the Ariston. But what were the most listened to songs of these years?

It is not a given that whoever wins the Festival will also turn out to be the actual winner in the rankings. He knows something about it Lazza. Last year his “Ash” it was the real winning song of the event. After second place behind Marco Mengoni and his “Due vite”, the song sold the equivalent of 700 thousand copies sold and won 7 platinum records, totaling over 140 million streams in a year. This was not the case for “Chills” by Mahmood (returned this year with “Tuta gold” pursuing the sensational feat of winning the Festival four times out of four participations: in 2018 he won the young people with “Gioventù burnata”, in 2019 he triumphed at the Ariston with “Soldi”, in 2022 he made the three of a kind) e Blancoin 2022. The song was a hit both at the Festival and afterwards, on the radio and in the charts: 700 thousand copies sold, 7 platinum records and 143 million streams between 2022 and 2023.

“Where we dance” Of Dargen D’Amico, who returned to the competition this year with “Onda alta”, in 22 was the revelation of the Festival with “Dove si balla”: the song sold 600 thousand copies and won 6 platinum records. It was a surprise too “Butterflies” Of Saint John: left off the podium at the Festival, the song sold half a million copies and won 5 platinum records.

Last year “Tango” allowed Tananai to redeem itself after the last place of “Casual Sex” in 2022: 400 thousand copies and 4 platinum records, 77 million streams. The ballad consecrated the phenomenon born the previous year with “Occasional Sex”, which despite finishing last place at the Festival managed to win double platinum and sell 200 thousand copies. It was a revelation too “Voice” Of Madame, in 2021: the rapper from Vicenza ranked only eighth at the Festival, then with her song she won 4 platinum records and sold 280 thousand copies, consecrating herself. In 2020 “Music (and the rest disappears)” Of Elettra Lamborghini it became a real hit after the event: double platinum, 140 thousand copies sold, despite the 21st place out of 24 positions. The hunt for this edition’s catchphrase has already started.