Al Jourgensen "Dave Navarro offered $20,000 for my finger"

Al Jourgensen “Dave Navarro offered $20,000 for my finger”

During a recent video interview with the British newspaper The Guardian, the frontman of Ministry Al Jourgensen revealed that the guitarist of Jane's Addiction Dave Navarro some time ago he offered him $20,000 to have his finger amputated.

The life of the 65-year-old Jourgensen has not been the most temperate, to put it mildly. Abuse of all kinds of substances brought him very close to visiting the afterlife. Among the many bad adventures experienced by the frontman of Ministry even the need to have a gangrenous toe amputated after stepping on a needle.

When Navarro, who collects oddities, learned of what had happened, he offered to buy his amputated finger. this is the story of .To theJourgensen: “A friend of mine, Dave Navarro, offered me $20,000 for the finger. He collects curiosities. I had to inform him that my doctors would not give me my toe back.”

The history of alcohol and drug addictions of Al Jourgensen It's one of those that makes your skin crawl. The singer was close to death more than once. There are two overdoses and a stomach ulcer that stopped his heart in 2010. The path towards a conduct of Healthier life for him started in 2014when he convinced himself to enter a center to rehabilitate from alcoholism after he had already abandoned the use of crack, cocaine and heroin.

In 2019, in a chat with Metal Hammer magazine he explained his path to redemption like this: “I was sleeping on a heroin dealer's couch, holding on to the last guitar I hadn't yet pawned, when a spider bit me. The doctor wanted to cut off my arm, I looked at him and said, 'Son of a bitch, I don't play drums in Def Leppard. I need this damn arm.' I was at death's door: I'd had a 13-room apartment and now had a $500-a-day habit. I had used up all my savings and pawned all but one of my guitars. I had hit rock bottom. A light bulb went on in my head and everything made sense.”