Adele cancels all concerts in March

Adele cancels all concerts in March

Fans continue to be worried: new health problems for Adele who had to postpone all the March shows of her residency show in Las Vegas.

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With a post on Instagram a few days ago, the British artist made it known that the doctors had ordered her to rest even if she did not reveal the details of her illness. “Unfortunately I am forced to take a break and suspend my regular show in Las Vegas,” she wrote. Her announcement comes just over five months after the start of her European tour which will actually consist of four evenings in Munich in August, in an arena built especially for her. Adele explained that she initially fell ill at the end of the “Weekends With Adele” concert series at the Colosseum at Caesars Palace last year in early November. when the artist resumed performing on January 19th, in reality she had not yet returned to full health.

The twelve concerts he faced from then on only worsened his condition. “Unfortunately all this has put my voice to the test” Adele explained in the post, hence the decision, even if taken reluctantly, of a forced stop of at least a month, which will cause the next ten concerts (in Las Vegas Adele performs every weekend). Everyone's hope is that this stop is only temporary and will not affect Adele's return to Europe next summer. The singer, who has been missing from European stages since 2016, will sing for her fans for two weekends, the 2nd and 3rd and then the 9th and 10th of August. The concerts, which will be all-round shows, will be held outdoors at the Munich Messe, an arena created specifically for the events and which will be equipped with stands with seats and areas for the public who wish to stand.

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