A social post raises hopes for the return of Talking Heads

A social post raises hopes for the return of Talking Heads

Chris Frantzthe drummer of Talking Heads raised hopes of a possible band reunion with a social media post that read: “We'll be back.”

Frantz published an image on his Instagram page with the entrance to a theater announcing the “Talking Heads” on the billboard, reporting the dates “13, 14, 15, 16, December 8pm” and the indication for purchasing tickets.

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The image is not chosen by chance. The Pantages Theater in Hollywood, shown in the photo, is in fact a significant place for the New York band. That's where they recorded their live film and album “Stop Making Sense” in December 1983. Fans speculate that this image and message could be a sign of the band's return to that stage.

This could, however, simply refer to the fact that the band will return to the Los Angeles theater for a Q&A session and film screening next month.

On June 4th, A Night Of Stop Making Sense will see the band talk about the film (directed by Jonathan Demme) and followed by a performance by Blondshell.

After the official breakup in 1991 (but already after 1988's “Naked” the band was effectively dissolved) all four members – Frantz, David Byrne, Jerry Harrison, Tina Weymouth – made their first public appearance together in over 20 years for a Q&A and screening of their remastered concert film at the Toronto International Film Festival last September.

On previous occasions they reunited in 1999 to promote the 15th anniversary reissue of the film, while in 2002 they reunited to perform four songs at the Rock and Roll Hall Of Fame induction ceremony. – their only live performance since 1984. Then nothing else.

Rumors of a reunion have been circulating for a few months now. The first to hypothesize it was Billboard which in an article published in January revealed that Coachella and Live Nation had failed to convince them to get back together.

Paul Tollett, president of Coachella organizers, attended a screening of the band's 40th anniversary concert film last year Stop Making Sense and contacted band members, but “had a feeling there were no shows going on, so he didn't make an offer.” The amount of the offer is unknown, but Billboard sources speculated that it could have been as high as $10 million.

Live Nation also approached the band, as reported by NME, reportedly offering up to $80 million for six to eight festival appearances, including headlining spots, but the band rejected the offer.

Frantz spoke about the possibility of a live return in an interview with NME last year. “I tried a couple of times and the last time was about 20 years ago, after which David just said: 'I don't want you to ever ask me this question again. I won't address it. “It's unfortunate and it is what it is,” the drummer said.

Also Tina Weymouth was asked about it by the Pitchfork website last year. “We're just savoring the moment. We are so happy that the result is this wonderful thing that has lasted for 40 years. And we don't really look too far into the future,” the bassist said. “We are super happy to be alive. All four of us are here to enjoy this moment.”

Byrne himself explained last year that he regrets the way Talking Heads split up and confessed to having been a “little tyrant” at the time. He also compared his current relationship with his Talking Heads bandmates to a divorce.

“Divorces are never easy,” he told the New York Times of the film's efforts Stop Making Sense. “We get along. It's all very friendly and whatnot. It's not like we're all best friends. But everyone is very happy to see this film back in theaters.”

To coincide with the 4K remastering of Stop Making Sense, a compilation of covers of the band's songs, titled “Everyone's Getting Involved: A Tribute to Talking Heads' Stop Making Sense”. They are present on the album Girl In Red with the reinterpretation of “Girlfriend Is Better”, Lorde with the version of “Take Me To The River”, Miley Cyrus who performs “Psycho Killer” and the cover of Paramore of “Burning Down the House”.