A new single by Francesco Gabbani is coming

A new single by Francesco Gabbani is coming

Francesco Gabbani, singer-songwriter, multi-instrumentalist, twice winner, in various categories, of the Sanremo Festival, announced today the release of a new unreleased single entitled “Melancholy fruit” (BMG), The song will be on radio and digital platforms on Friday 3 May.

Chica di “Melancholy fruit” is the insertion of the voice sample of Giorgio Gaber (courtesy of the Giorgio Gaber Foundation and Edizioni Curci) taken from a live version of “Destra-sinistra”.

This is what Gabbani says about the song

We live in a scenario that tends to lead us to desire what we don't have and to be what we are not. To live the present with emotional intensity, all we have to do is bask in therapeutic melancholy, in good and bad memories, but which make the emotions of the moment real. Quoting the great author Gabriel García Márquez: what matters in life is not what happens to you but what you remember and how you remember it.

Fruit Melancholy”produced by Katoo, was composed by Francesco Gabbani with the collaboration of his brother Filippo and Pacific and it is the first piece of a new recording project.

Francesco Gabbani will be involved in a series of dates in the arenas to celebrate ten years of activity. The December 19, 2024 will return to Milan Forum and in 2025 he will perform in Florence (15 March) and Padua (March 22).

We just wanted to be happy”, his latest album – the sixth of his career – was released in 2022. In April last year Gabbani released the single “The habit“, song included in the soundtrack of his Rai TV program “We need a flower”.

For the 2024 edition of the Sanremo Festival Gabbani returned to the Ariston stage on the duets evening, guest of Fiorella Mannoia with whom he duetted on the notes ofWesterners' Karma” And “May she be blessed”, songs that competed for victory at the 2017 edition of the Festival. Victory finally went to Francesco Gabbani who preceded Fiorella Mannoia.