A new album for Pharrell Williams

A new album for Pharrell Williams

Pitchfork takes it for granted: there is a new album online that can be traced back to Pharrell Williams. In reality it is a mysterious project in which the name of the American artist does not appear but upon listening his vocal presence seems certain.

Exclusively on the site BlackYachtRock.com 10 songs under the title are available for free downloadBlack Yacht Rock, Vol. 1: City of Limitless Access” attributable to the Virginias. The album appeared online on April 5, Pharrell Williams' 51st birthday.

Although the former NERD has not promoted the album in any way, some of his friends and colleagues have mentioned it. Tyler, the Creator posted on X, “Caged Bird Free by Virginia Black Yacht Rock, great song.” AND Pusha T shared a link to the new album on his Instagram Stories.

“Girl”, Pharrell Williams' latest and second solo work, dates back to 2014 (Read here). That album was followed by a handful of singles including “Sangria wine“, “Cash In Cash Out“, “Entrepreneur” “Down in Atlanta” with Travis Scott and the collaboration with Miley Cyrus “Doctor (Work It Out)“.

The fact that the online album has “Vol. 1” suggests that a further album will follow in the same way.