Kurt Cobain, 1994-2024: today the Rockol special

When Kurt Cobain performed in a hospital gown

Courtney Love told a story about Kurt Cobain, linked to his live performance at the Reading Festival, during a new interview with BBC Radio 6. She was asked to remember a crazy anecdote linked to a concert, and so she recalled some two, including one on his partner and leader of Nirvana. Cobain went to play in a hospital gown in 1992: Courtney recalled that the gown she was wearing was actually his, used when she gave birth to their daughter, Frances Bean. β€œHe played in Reading with that dressing gown – said Courtney Love – but the real madness happened at the beginning of the day when L7 played: the audience threw bottles, one hit De Plak, the drummer, in the eyes. Donita, the singer, got angry. She was on her period, she reached down to her crotch, pulled out the sanitary napkin and threw it into the audience. There is a clip on YouTube and you can still see it. These are two memories that I will never forget, the second was a truly surreal event.”