Victoria (Maneskin) with Jimmy Page at Paris Fashion Week

Victoria (Maneskin) with Jimmy Page at Paris Fashion Week

Maneskin bassist Victoria De Angelis was spotted alongside Jimmy Page at Paris Fashion Week: the Roman artist and former Led Zeppelin guitarist were spotted at Belgian designer Ann Demeulemeester's fashion show.

Victoria and Page were not the only two personalities linked to the world of music present at the Demeulemeester show (a great friend of another rock icon, Patti Smith): Depeche Mode frontman Dave Gahan also attended the show.

Page was mentioned directly by Maneskin during the promotion of the single “Mammamia”with vintage graphics – obviously retouched – by Robert Plant's former friend with the song's logo.

Victoria De Angelis recently released her first solo work, the mix “Victoria's Treat”: the artist will be engaged in a long tour as a DJ which will start on March 16th from Leeds, United Kingdom, to stop in – among other cities – Miami, Chicago, New York, Istanbul, Brussels, Dublin and Barcelona , and conclude at the Anomalie Art Club in Berlin on May 31st.

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