Vasco Rossi: from the setlist to the rehearsals, the first on the tour

Vasco Rossi: from the setlist to the rehearsals, the first on the tour

The gigantic organizational machine that moves behind Vasco Rossi is ready to get back into motion, in view of the return of Zocca's rocker to the stages.

The 2024 tour will start with the zero date scheduled for June 2nd at the Stadio Comunale di Bibione, in Venice, but already the day before the members of the Blasco Fan Club, the official fanclub of the voice of “Vita Spericolata”, will be able to attend the traditional rehearsals general. Then from 7 to 20 June Vasco will be at the San Siro Stadium in Milan, for a total of 7 dates all sold out, while on 25, 26, 29 and 30 June he will perform at the San Nicola Stadium in Bari. Just over two months away since the debut, the rumors about the lineup and the show begin to chase each other and it is Vasco himself who “spoilers” some details:.

I'm preparing a particular setlist. Last year they were more intimate songs about man-woman relationships, this year it will be a different setlist, more social, a social setlist. There are 24 songs with an extraordinary beginning.

Requests have already started from the fans, among the comments under Vasco's posts on social media: there are those who ask for “Asilo Republic”, those for “Shoot them above”, those for “Bring God to me”, those for “There are those who say no “, who points out to him that he hasn't done “Liberi libera” for a long time.

The most attentive fans, however, did not miss a small detail contained in a story of the rocker on Instagram. Filming his collaborators in the studio, Vasco involuntarily framed the sheet of paper on the table with the titles of the songs in the setlist written on it: from the image, then relaunched on social media from the pages dedicated to Rossi, we can read the titles of the songs that will close the concerts: “If I could tell you”, “It's only us”, “Vita spericolata”, “Canzone” (entire) and “Albachiara”.