Billie Eilish: "Sales? Inflated by limited editions"

Billie Eilish: “Sales? Inflated by limited editions”

Perhaps he has forgotten that the last time he released a record, “Happier than ever”, three years ago, he sent eight vinyl variants to stores. Result: in one week the vinyl of “Happier than ever” became the second best-selling vinyl of the last thirty years. Now, however, Billie Eilish points the finger at pop stars' mania for releasing countless editions, some numbered and limited, of their respective new albums. The voice of “What was I made for?”, who also did not name any names, said in an interview with Billboard without mincing words that the gimmick pushes the most loyal fans to buy the greatest number of editions, inflating in fact sales:

We live in a time where, for some reason, it's very important for some artists to make all kinds of different vinyl and packaging. Which drives up sales and numbers and makes artists more money.

The Los Angeles singer-songwriter then added:

I find it really frustrating to be someone who really goes out of his way to be sustainable and tries his best to involve everyone on his team in being sustainable. Then you have some of the biggest artists in the world making 40 different fucking vinyl packages, just to make you keep buying copies. They only care about sales and making money.

After such a release, therefore, Billie Eilish fans can hardly expect to see many different versions of the pop star's new album. The ideal sequel to “Happier than ever” is officially finished, ready to be published.