Vasco Brondi reports live The Lights of the Power Plant

Vasco Brondi reports live The Lights of the Power Plant

“Costellazioni 2014/2024. / Immense confusion, immense freedom”, writes on social media Vasco Brondi who announces on social media the plans to celebrate ten years since the release of the album “Costellazioni”, the third studio album published by his musical project Le Luci della Power plant.

“Ten years of an album that brought about a great change for me”, adds the singer-songwriter: “After the first two albums in which I found a voice and four years of silence, I returned from a six-month long solitary journey and I started writing again. 'Costellazioni' was released, a provincial and spatial album.”

Then comes the announcement that the album will be celebrated with a single concert on December 2nd at Alcatraz in Milan. Vasco Brondi says:

“On December 2nd we will play it again at Alcatraz in Milan, the city where I wrote it in a small apartment in Lambrate before moving back to Bologna and re-re-moving to Ferrara.
It was the beginning of the end of my youth.
It was a big party, a quiet fight.
Without ironic detachment, without disenchantment.
Only immense confusion and immense freedom.”

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The musician is currently engaged in the tour, which started in April from Livorno (here our story), in support of his latest album, “A sign of life” (here our review), released last March, almost three years after the album “Paesaggio Dopo la Battaglia” (here our review), the first work published as Vasco Brondi after abandoning the name Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica in 2018 (here our interview).