Vasco Brondi continues to find treasures in the rubble

Vasco Brondi continues to find treasures in the rubble

With “Paesaggio Dopo la Battaglia”, an album released in 2021, Vasco Brondi walked among the rubble of a wounded humanity, but resistant. She talked about the change and the life that, despite everything and with gritted teeth, survived and survives the catastrophe. These were the years of the pandemic, but the singer-songwriter, as in his entire discography, also that linked to the project The Lights of the Power Stationhe always went in search of “A sign of life” that broke the darkness, title of his new album out March 15th. From this project comes another extract, “Illumina tutto”, which narratively continues to be a continuation of that one search for light after long moments of darkness.

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It's a song that starts suspended, then the piano takes over and opens up, musicallymore and more, just as if it were a window through which increasingly stronger and warmer rays of sunlight enter. It's a piece that releases empathy, identification, the desire to move forward even if everything hasn't gone well at all.. From an interpretative point of view, Vasco is different, but it's still him: already from the previous singles he has taken a path of “pop-unpopular” (the book “Small manual of unpopular pop” will be attached to some versions of the new album, ed.) with which he keeps his way of making music and telling reality intact, however, broadening his sound and vocal boundaries, in a manner consistent with his vision of artalways on the move just like him, an inveterate traveller. Today's is a more pop Brondibut “faithful to the line, even if the line isn't there”, to quote the CCCP.

“The song is a creed, a strange creed, but everyone has their own. It's the story of someone who starts with all the odds against and a fire inside that burns but illuminates everything. Of someone who shouts 'Our people are coming' even if our people don't arrive. There is the world beyond the screens, the life and death of the saints, the sudden awakening of volcanoes. Hunger and thirst for life. Love, strings and distorted guitars”, says Vasco Brondi, who will present the new album with a tour starting on April 5th and with many dates already sold out. Appointments preceded by some instores scheduled from March 15th onwards. Brondi confirms himself as a singer-songwriter with a magical pen, capable of conveying stories that are of today, but that are contemporary they seem to travel, like a flying carpet, above time.