Vasco at San Siro, the first of 7: rock as awareness

Vasco at San Siro, the first of 7: rock as awareness

Nobody like him. With the “magnificent seven” sold out at San Siro this year, there will be 36in the end, the times that Vasco will have played in the Milanese stadium from 1990 to today (excluding the La Maura Hippodrome, 2022) gathering over two and a half million spectators. Over twenty pieces and a seven-song medley make up a show”a little more pissed off, harderbecause this is a very complicated and very difficult period”, said the rocker, who shows up with a studded jacket and black hat, on the eve of the first of seven live shows.

The first of this sort of residency at the Scala del Rockinaugurated by a video starring a virtual dragon that seems to have sprung out of “Game of Thrones”, he doesn't want to give discounts to anyonestarting from the first three songs in the setlist, written in different periods, but characterized by the same ferocious irony: “Blasco Rossi”, “Asilo republic” and “The shots above”. The first song it's a middle finger to prejudice: “Blasco? A character who was my alter ego in the 1980s. This is a song against fake news. I was the scapegoat for all the problems in Italy, starting with drugs,” Vasco recalled when he was given the Parchment of Milan by mayor Beppe Sala. Against power the secondWhile the thirdrereading of “Celebrate” by An Emotional Fish, is an incendiary dedication, released in 1993, “to all the scoundrels who govern the world”, says Blasco after a long series of outbursts. The Komandante, from the first traces, takes San Siro with strength and ease. It makes what many consider a climb to K2 seem easy.

After post-pandemic lineups, focused more on the sense of union and attachment to life, his rock pushes the accelerator of irreverence and awareness. Already last year with the decision to start live shows with “Tell it to the moon”, with that “Look reality in the face” there was an assumption of responsibility. But it's not enough. Vasco has accustomed us not only to invective, but also to exploring the feelings of several generations and to personal reflection, because that is where we need to start to find empathy again: “Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself,” Tolstoy wrote. And so it appears “The mistakes you make”the soundtrack to the Netflix series “The Survivor,” powerful live, as well as the touching stories of “Jenny is crazy”, between depression and suffering, made plastic by a Vasco bent over the microphone, and of “Sally”. In that “maybe, but maybe, but yes” sung at the top of his lungs by 58 thousand people (there will be 400 thousand in total at the end of the seven events) there seems to be a great collective exorcism.

The stage is a good monster 86 meters wide, 25 meters deep and 28 meters high dominated by five gigantic screens, three central ones in the shape of an inverted “V” plus two curved lateral ones, which allow a view of the entire stadium. All led and animated by Pepsi Romanoff. Social criticism returns to the lineup again with “It doesn't take much”with a “it doesn't take much to be intolerant” dedicated to Matteo Salvini, and the heartbreaking ballads like “How old are you”was the opening of the first Imola 1998, in addition to the grin of “How are you”complete with alluring pelvic movement, taken from “Good or bad” from 2004. From the 80s it appears “Bubbles”, j'accuse against advertising which today more than ever is still a drug. There is also room for the wind instruments of “Moody Sunday” and to the emotional roller coaster between “There are those who say no” and “The angels”, always poised between barricade narration and intimate story, between collective vision and personal gaze. “Orders don't come here to teach you the right path. And from here, and from here, angels don't come here” are the words of the 1996 piece.

Under the musical direction of the guitarist Pastano winsa structured, precise and musically high-level band moves: Stef Burns on the guitar, Antonello D'Urso on acoustic guitar, Andrea Torresani on the bass, Alberto Rocchetti on keyboards, Donald Renda on the battery, Andrea Ferrario on sax, Tiziano Bianchi on the trumpet, Roberto Solimando on the trombone e Roberta Montanari to the choirs. The revolution is female. Vasco reminds us of this with a medley entirely dedicated to the female figure in which all his poetics hang in the balance witches, amazons and fairies. A special mention goes to “Laugh at you”, a jewel. Even fun, sex and lightheartedness must be allowed to run free like wild horses: “Rewind”with the ritual of the fans' breasts in the wind, is the pinnacle of this vision.

“We are still those of great illusions, we are aware that we have not changed the world, but at least we have changed ourselves”, recalled the rocker from Zocca: yes, perhaps, it's all there, in “The world I would like”, the meaning of this tour. “If I could tell you,” “It's just us,” performed with the historic bassist Claudio Golinelli, “Reckless Life” and “Song”with fireworks and confetti on “Clear dawn”, compose an ending in which the deepest feelings and decibels of the thousands of fans' voices grow like a wave. The concert, a single great speech overlooking the present, leaves room for the purest emotions and at a later moment for reflections. Vasco, like its people, has always been on the move, a bit like Giuseppe Pellizza da Volpedo's Fourth Estate. But as he reminds us with this tour he doesn't want to conquer anything, not even a place in Heaven. In his songs and simple words there is a popular feeling, a mystical and sensual rapture. There is life, which by its nature is struggle. And the first adversary, between misery and cowardice, is within us.

Blasco Rossi
“republic” kindergarten
You shoot at him
The mistakes you make
How old are you
How are you
Living without you
Jenny is crazy
Moody Sunday
Interlude / Echo Lake
A great film
The end of the millennium
The Angels
It doesn't take much
There are those who say no

Medley: The witch (the Saturday night diva) / What do you want from me / Do you want to stay still! / You want something from me / Blue eyes / Incredible romantic / Laughing at you
The world I would like

say it to the moon
If I could tell you
Just us
Reckless Life / Song
Clear dawn