Tom Morello and Thomas Raggi together on stage

Tom Morello and Thomas Raggi together on stage

After the featuring of Tom Morello on the song “Gossip” by Maneskin contained in the album “Rush” of 2023 and the subsequent presence of the American musician on the stage of the Sanremo Festival where the success of the band was celebrated, the collaboration between the two artistic entities continues as revealed by Tom Morello himself in the interview given to La Repubblica (in the insert “ On Friday”) and published today.

“I invited Thomas Raggi (the guitarist of the Roman band) to play with me on 13 June in London and 8 July in Villafranca di Verona” says Morello who adds: “That boy loves his instrument, and I love the fact that in 2024 a young guitarist Italian inspires others in the world.”

The former member of Rage Against The Machine and Audioslave (of Italian origin) praises the entire band in the interview saying: “It's not a constructed band. He has energy, charisma. They play for real, I assure you, we jammed several times. They can make you want to pick up an instrument. This happened to me when I was 17.”

The one in Verona on 8 July is one of the three Italian dates of Tom Morello which will arrive in Veneto after the concert on 6 July in Lucca as part of the Lucca Summer Festival (on the same evening as Smashing Pumpkins) and before the one on 10 July in Turin.

THE Maneskin for their part, they are engaged in a tour that started on May 17th from Mexico City and will see them protagonists in festivals in Europe, with a stop in Japan, until August 22nd.