Tiziano Ferro responds to Maionchi: "I have always been grateful"

Tiziano Ferro responds to Maionchi: “I have always been grateful”

“I have always been grateful to you, I have shown you a million times on a million occasions so I ask myself: why this? Why now?”. Tiziano Ferro, through social media, responds to Mara Maionchi showing a deep bitterness for the words of the former manager who was the first to notice her talent. Maionchi, guest of the 'Belve' program, said: “Tiziano Ferro didn't understand how lucky he was to have met me. He didn't think that both my husband and I helped him to be what in the end, in part, he is” .

Tiziano Ferro wanted to reply from his profiles: “The first thing I taught my children is to say 'thank you', the second is to say 'sorry'…We met many times: television studios, concerts, dressing rooms and every time we hugged and laughed about the good old days. If that's really what you thought, why didn't you ever tell me during one of these occasions? I would have reassured you, I would have apologized and I would have thanked you again, as always and without problem”.

Then he continued: “I typed 'Tiziano Ferro Mara Maionchi' and around 55 thousand entries containing both our names came out. I could post the myriad of interviews in which I celebrated you, the thanks in the booklet of my albums in which you were at the forefront in the acknowledgments, our prank call, an infinite series of quotes in my book or on the web – in all the languages ​​of the world, because I have talked about you and Alberto in many places around the globe”. Ferro concludes by sharing a video that represents a “heartfelt embrace” between the two, as well as a photo of the booklet of “Rosso Relative”, his first album published in 2001, in which he thanks Maionchi.