Rome May Day Concert 2024: the line up takes shape

May Day 2024 concert: all the artists on stage

New location and new hosts for the Concertone del Primo Maggio: the singers Noemi and Ermal Meta lead the traditional event dedicated to rights, primarily those of work, which this year is staged at the Circo Massimo in Rome, and no longer in San Giovanni. The concert, now in its 32nd edition, is once again promoted by CGIL, CISL and UIL. Over ten hours of music and words: Rai live broadcast as always on Rai3 from 3.15pm (with a break from 7pm to 8pm for the news editions), as well as live on Rai Radio2, RaiPlay and Rai Italia,

but we start live at 1.15pm with Big Mama hosting. In this first phase there will be space for the performances of the young Albe, Cioffi, Diego Lazzari Nashley, Etta, Gaudiano and Irbis. The singing festival hosts at the opening the words of Fabrizio De André, those of “Piero's war”, with the hosts Noemi and Ermal Meta officially starting the music with the idea, right from the start, of chasing away the controversies .

These are the artists currently confirmed in the lineup of an event that tries every year to intercept and narrate languages ​​and instances of the current musical panorama: Achille Lauro, Alda, Anna Castiglia, Ariete, Big Mama, Bloom, Caffellatte & Giuze, Giocamifaro, Coez & Frah Quintale, Colapesce and Dimartino, Cor Veleno, Cosmo, Dargen D'amico, Ditonellapiaga, Ermal Meta, Ex-Otago, La Municipal, La Representative Di Lista, Leo Gassmann, Lina Simons, Mahmood, Malika Ayane, Maria Antonietta and Colombre , Mazzariello, Mille, Morgan, Motta, Negramaro, Noemi, Olly, Piero Pelù, Piotta, Rosa Linn, Rose Villain, Santi Francesi, Stefano Massini and Paolo Jannacci, Tananai, Teseghella, Tripolar, Tropico, Ultimo, Uzi Lvke, Vale Lp . Geolier also joined.

In the cast of artists performing there are also BigMama, Noemi and Ermal Meta, who therefore do not limit themselves to hosting. But be careful: the list revealed is not definitive and, almost certainly, as happens every year now, the artistic direction can reserve some surprises until the last minute. As every time, the three winning artists of the 1mnext Contest also sing on the stage of the May Day Concert: Atarde from Ancona, Giglio from Turin and Moonari from Rome. One of the three will be chosen by the artistic direction of the event and awarded during live TV as the overall winner of 1mnext 2024.