Tiromancino: a new single is coming to radio and digital

Tiromancino: a new single is coming to radio and digital

It will be available from Friday 22 March in all digital stores and for radio programming.”Fixed point”, the new and unreleased song by Tiromancino.

Federico Zampaglione in over 30 years of career he has moved between songs (pieces written for Tiromancino but also for other Italian artists), books (a novel which later became a screenplay and a film), films (which over the years have made him a highly appreciated director especially in the world of horror) and concerts, tours sold out which saw him busy on stage.

Two Roses” (in the voice of Enula) is Tiromancino's latest release which dates back to last year, a song that arrived 2 years after the release of the last album “I have changed many houses” with the singles “Finché ti va”, “Ho Cambiato tanto casa”, “Cerotti”, “Er Musicista” (with Franco126), “Domenica” and “L'odore del mare” with Carmen Consoli.

Today Federico Zampaglione talks about the new song like this:

Reality is something changeable, the scenarios around us, be they emotional, work or personal, are constantly changing and it is not easy to be able to maintain one's own balance. This is why it is very important to search for a fixed point which can be a passion, a great love, anything that can save you from daily storms and from the continuous and swirling reality that surrounds us, surprises us, shocks us and often leaves us without words. Without a fixed point, life is much more difficult to live and appreciate.

For “Fixed point” Zampaglione is the author of the lyrics and music together with Vincenzo Colella, Leonardo Zaccaria and Michele Canova (who oversaw the production).

After the release of Tiromancino's latest single “Due Rose” last spring, the Roman artist returned to cinema by completing his new film “The Well”, a film which is touring the world at major festivals and festivals. horror films, waiting to arrive in international cinemas.

Cinema is in fact the other great passion of Zampaglione who made his directorial debut in 2007 with “Nero bifamiliare” which was followed by “Shadow” (2009, the first horror film which gave him great success in the world and the fame of heir to the great Italian directors of the genre), “Tulpa- Mortal Perditions” (2013) and “Morrison” (2021 based on his novel written with Giacomo Gensini “Where everything is half”).

In his 35-year career, Federico Zampaglione has published 12 unreleased albums with Tiromancino (to which are added live albums and collections), writing some of the most beautiful songs in the history of Italian music such as “La Difesa di Un Momento”, “Due Destini” ”, “It's important to me”, “Impossible Love”, “Corners of the sky”, “Images that leave their mark”, “As long as you like”.