NSYNC have been in the studio.  Justin Timberlake confirms it

Timberlake, Bugo, Brondi, Stabber: the new albums of the week

From Justin Timberlake to Bugo, passing through Vasco Brondi, Cosmo, CorVeleno, Stabber, Four Tet and Lenny Kravitz : what has just begun will be a week full of new music. For all tastes. Here are the most anticipated albums coming out this Friday, March 15th.

Justin Timberlake – “Everything I thought it was”

Launched by the single “Selfish”, a pop song with the unmistakable Timberlake style, comes the new album from the former NSYNC. The album is the first album of unreleased songs in six years by Justin Timberlake, who wrote and auditioned around 100 songs and then eventually recorded 18 of them. Among the authors of the songs contained in “Everything I thought it was” there are, as well as 43-year-old American singer-songwriter, also Louis Bell (Taylor Swift, Post Malone), Cirkut (Maroon 5, The Weeknd), Theron Thomas and Amy Allen.

Vasco Brondi – “A sign of life”

With “Paesaggio Dopo la Battaglia”, an album released in 2021, Vasco Brondi walked among the rubble of a wounded but resistant humanity. He talked about the change and the life that, despite everything and with gritted teeth, survived and survives the catastrophe. These were the years of the pandemic, but the singer-songwriter, as in his entire discography, including that linked to the Le Luci della Centrale Elettrica project, always went in search of “A sign of life” that would pierce the darkness, the title of his new album out March 15th. From this project comes another extract, “Illumina tutto”, which narratively continues to be a continuation of that search for light after long moments of darkness.

Lenny Kravitz – “Blue Electric Light”

Five and a half years after the release of “Raise Vibration”, Lenny Kravitz will return on March 15th with his twelfth album “Blue Electric Light”. On the album, recorded in his studio in the Bahamas, Kravitz's skills as an author, producer and multi-instrumentalist resonate: he wrote the music and played most of the instruments alone, together with longtime guitarist Craig Ross. Twelve songs that reflect his pioneering legacy. Previewing the release is the single “TK421”, accompanied by a video directed by Tano Muino: a frenetic rock 'n' roll piece with ecstatic funk guitars and analog synths.

Cosmo – “On the wings of the white horse”

He announced it by flying a mysterious white horse over Milan, Bologna and Rome: “On the wings of the white horse” is Cosmo's new album, which arrives three years after the previous “The third summer of love”.

The album was preceded by the single of the same name, an aesthetic, musical and attitudinal manifesto that starts from a psychedelic journey into creativity: the search for an escape point from reality and the return to normality. Cosmo flies on a beat that harks back to the 90s of Italian progressive music and a melody that flows from childish into a stadium chorus: a lap around the sun of almost four minutes that makes you want to listen to the whole album, written s.written, produced and performed by Cosmo together with Alessio Natalizia, producer and musician based in London and known in the international underground circuits with the alias Not Waving.

Bugo – “Luckily I'm here”

A manifesto, a cry of freedom, with which he lets the world know who he really is, without filters and without compromises: this is how Bugo defines “Forfortuna che ci c'io”, the single that anticipates his homonymous album of unreleased songs. The song – and the album – are “a reaction to these last few years”: “It is the first song created for this new album: a hymn to life, a tribute to the strength of the human soul. And I will continue to sing, to fight, to live every moment with all the intensity of which I am capable. Because luckily I'm here, and I will never stop being myself”. He defines it as “a true, honest, direct record”, recorded with his band: “I'm going home along the road of rock and roll”.

Stabber – “Trueno”

Perhaps the name doesn't mean anything to you, but Stabber – born Stefano Tartaglini, born in 1980 – is among the producers who more than anyone else have contributed to giving a new sound to Italian music in recent years, putting his hand in the songs and records by artists such as Coez, Salmo, Lazza, thasup, Fabri Fibra, Nitro, Ensi, Gemitaiz, Coma Cose and many others.

“Trueno” is his first producer album: inside there are – among others – Noemi (in “Black & blue”), Angelina Mango (duet with Gemitaiz in “Piove forte), Annalisa (sings with Coez “Salto nel Dark” ), Salmo (in the title track). And then Danno, Nitro, Yung Snapp, Venerus, Alborosie, Ginevra, Noyz Narcos and Darrn. “Trueno”, he anticipates, will be the expression of a musical world built over years of numerous meetings and comparisons with others, but also (and above all) study and artistic and personal research.

CorVeleno – “Sacred fire”

“Fuoco sacro”, the eighth album of their career, released on March 15, is a tour in the heart of hip hop culture, designed to celebrate fifty years of the movement: it arrives at the end of an intense musical journey, marked by projects such as “The Spirit Who Sounds” (2018) and the collaboration with Tre Allegri Ragazzi Morti for “Meme K Ultra” (2022). Numerous guests, including rap legends and new protagonists, including the already announced Colle Der Fomento, Mostro, Marlon Peroza and Fabri Fibra. Squarta and Gabbo produce, as always capable of overcoming the conventions of contemporary music to fuel that “sacred fire” that has burned in Cor Veleno since their debut.

Four Tet – “Bleep”

Four Tet has announced the release of the new album “Bleep”, out on March 15th on Text Records, a label owned by the British artist himself, aka Kieran Hebden. The album arrives four years after the previous “Sixteen Oceans”. There are three songs to preview: “Loved”, “Three Drums”, published in recent months, and the latest “Daydream Repeat”.