Bruce Springsteen surprises on stage with John Mellencamp

Bruce Springsteen surprises on stage with John Mellencamp

Yesterday's evening was a surprise for the public who attended the concert John Mellencamp at Prudential Hall in Newark, New Jersey. The Indiana musician was joined on stage Bruce Springsteen and together they sang “Pink Houses”. It's not the first time the two have sung the song from Mellencamp's 1983 album together “Uh-Huh”. In December 2019, they played it together with “Glory Days” at the Rainforest Benefit organized by Sting.

Bruce Springsteenabout collaborations with John Mellencampwas a guest on Mellencamp's penultimate album released in 2022, “Strictly a One-Eyed Jack” (read the review here). In early 2022 Mellencamp said of Springsteen: “Bruce has a wonderful way of having humility and tenacity, at the same time. He can convey his ideas with humility and has the ability to do what he wants. He's been managing his band the longest about me, so I don't have to say, 'Hey Bruce, how about…?' He says, 'How about I try this?' and 'How about I try?' This is Bruce Springsteen: sure, try it.”


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