The Winstons capture the essence of the human experience

The Winstons capture the essence of the human experience

The Winstons are back with a new song, entitled “Never Never Never“, has arrived to capture the essence of the human experience through melodies and lyrics outside the dictates of the moment. Rob, Enro and Linnon Winson, aka Roberto Dell’Era, Enrico Gabrielli and Lino Gitto, present themselves as “a one-of-a-kind power trio“, born in 2016 at the same time as Bowie’s death, but with a “sound that remains unchanged” and “anchored to live music” and their keyboard/bass/drum lineup.

In “Never Never Never” emerge joy and restlessness thanks to the exploration of the Winstons of various forms of expressionbetween rock and play, with open choruses and lyrics that explore the mysterious charm of human nature. The trio thus comes to define the new single “a hymn to strength”, where heart and soul merge in a melody that resonates with our human experience, at full volume on the road without speed limits.

The Winstons have created a live acoustic video for their latest song for Rockol, directed by Roberto Delvoi/Ipnose Studio, which is presented as follows:

“The Winstons found themselves in a domestic dimension – thanks to Diego Mancino – and tried a version of Never Never Never with few instruments. There was a piano for Enro, an acoustic for Rob and a comfortable sofa for Linnon.

The result was a bubble of sonic truth that The Winstons are very proud of.

But what is this new song recently released thanks to Baobab Music?

Three “Never”, three “never”, like the three members of the band.

Repeating a negative gesture so that it turns into a positive one and becomes a great apotropaic gesture. This and more is what is at the base of the new song.

But we like to think of it as open, so as not to do an injustice to karma. It’s a small ceremony in the form of a song. In the video, three vampires go about their business in a nocturnal and disenchanted city”.

Since their founding, the Winstons have consolidated its image through live performancesseeking a cathartic and unique character. With active collaborations with artists like Richard Sinclair (Caravan), Mick Harvey (Bad Seeds) and Nic Cester (Jet), the trio has released the eponymous debut album in 2026which was followed by the DVD “Live in Rome”, the 45 rpm “Black Shopping Bag” and the second studio work “Smith” in 2019. With the new “Never Never Never”, Rob, Enro and Linnon Winson prepare for the release of their third album, due next September, part of which was recorded at Mike Oldfield’s historic studio, Tilhouse Studios, in Buckinghamshire with his son Luke Oldfield.