The story of Syd Barrett in a film

The story of Syd Barrett in a film

The release of the DVD+Blu-ray version of the documentary film is scheduled for July 19thHave You Got It Yet?“, dedicated to the life and genius of Syd Barrett, one of the founding members of Pink Floyd. The film will also be available in digital format and On Demand.

The documentary, produced by Orian Williams, is directed by Roddy Bogawa and the late designer Storm Thorgerson (founder of the graphic studio Hipgnosis and author of the Pink Floyd covers and also known for his work with artists such as Led Zeppelin and Paul McCartney).

The feature film received a warm reception for its heartfelt portrayal of the complex character and artistry of Barrett, who played a crucial role in coming up with the band's name and initiating their story, although he left the group before their worldwide success.

The film includes interviews with Pink Floyd members David Gilmour, Nick Mason and Roger Waters, and Barrett's sister Rosemary Breen. The narration is entrusted to actor Jason Isaacs, and among those interviewed there are also the band's original managers, Peter Jenner and Andrew King, as well as Pete Townshend of the Who and Graham Coxon of Blur.

After viewing in cinemas around the world last summer the DVD+Blu-ray version offers numerous bonus features, including two live performances of “Arnold Layne“(one of Barrett's signature songs from 1967) featuring David Gilmour and David Bowie, and a performance from the tribute concert”The Madcap's Last Laugh” from 2007 with Gilmour, Mason and Richard Wright. Also includes an interview with director Bogawa, who comments on the entire film together with Rupert Truman and Julius Beltrame. Additionally, the set features a critique of Barrett's paintings and readings of his lyrics recited by Noel Fielding, Rob Fitterman and Gerard Bell. The packaging, designed by StormStudios, includes an exclusive poster of the film.

“Have You Got It Yet?” explores the complex figure of Syd Barrett, who crystallized a cultural moment of great freedom, but also of great risk. The film questions whether Barrett was a victim of drugs, an undiagnosed mental condition, or whether he simply couldn't stand the attention and fame. While there are no clear answers, the film offers a poignant and detailed portrait of Barrett's life and challenges, exploring his creative and destructive impulses and his fascinating presence and absence.

It was Syd himself who came up with the name of the group, combining the names of two obscure bluesmen – Pink Anderson And Floyd Council – as well as sparking the Pink Floyd project which he later abandoned before worldwide success, replaced by his friend David Gilmour.