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The hardest Maiden song for Bruce Dickinson to sing

The singer of Iron Maiden Bruce Dickinson – who will release his solo album on March 1st “The Mandrake Project” nineteen years after the previous one “Tyranny of Souls” – speaking to SongFacts he revealed which is his band’s most challenging song to sing live.

The 65-year-old Dickinson confessed the name of the song that challenges him with these words: “The song that I find most challenging to sing in Maiden’s repertoire would be ‘Aces High’.

It’s not just because I’m 60-something. Believe me, when I was 26, it was just as challenging. I always said, ‘If we’re going to do ‘Aces High,’ can we put it in the first part of the set, please?'”

Bruce’s heartfelt prayer was often welcomed by his companions and “Aces High” has been used as the opening song of concerts on many tours, although the Iron Maiden they moved it to the back of the live shows in the encores of the tour ‘Legacy of the Beast’ held at the turn of the years marked by Covid. Dickinson is also proud of the performance of the song, and not just that: “We still do all the songs in the original key, I’m sure it would be easier if we lowered the key, but then it wouldn’t sound as good. This is the most Maiden song challenging to sing.”

“Aces high” is a song written by the bassist of Iron Maiden Steve Harris and it is the first song in the set list of the British band’s album released in 1984 “Powerslave”. The song tells of the Nazi bombing of London during the Second World War from the point of view of an English pilot fighting against the German air force.